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or jacket pocket..
not so sure about 8x8 IRL, you'll hafta post pics
^in that cut, not wash :)
By '05, I'm pretty sure all MII Diesel had cut names and would at least be listed on the same tag as the lab/lav/data- leaning towards fake, but one way to confirm is looking closely at the "silver" stitching on the tag- when looking at it closely under good light, can you see "diesel" printed across the silver thread?  the thread should be more holographic than silver..   Even if these are real, they're a pretty crappy wash- I understand that they were cheap, but...
okay, looks like ASOS messed with the contrast found these fit pics too
yeah, I saw those painted D2s as well, and I'm really close to pulling the trigger on em- mind posting a fit pic of yours?
I was just admiring these on ASOS before I saw your fit pics; would you say the true color is closer to their pics?  I might have to get them if so..    
2000 or 2001 was when dit came out.. a lot of it sucked honestly. Luxury of dirt and eurotour were way better if you're going after ancient diesel   Diesel didn't start printing the year on the care label until 20002
I disagree, this jacket is gaudy- would've been tolerable without all the print all over it, but still, for the Euro Tour collection this one of the less attractive pieces I've seen.  Probably the most notable Euro Tour Jacket is the Hoock Jacket in wash MA119 that was featured in Devil May Cry.    SO, a blah jacket from 2003 in a size large in late spring will get you maybe $30 on ebay if your lucky- you'd be better off keeping it and re-dying it black in attempt to...
washing may help, but that wash has the dirt pretty stained into it.  It sucks anyway and zaf is a pretty crappy and old cut.  I might consider buying them for $5 to use as scrap denim, patching material, or for testing out DIY washes on.
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