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^^I have Zathan 72D in a 29/30, but not sure if I'm willing to part with them
I have zatiny 8ym, 72L and 8TL and 8YM is the only one I had to size up to a 30 on from a 29- don't know if reyhan will vary the same way; just my 2 cents
If you're going that neutral with the shirt under this, try to bring some color to the outfit in the scarf- if you look on yoox or in the diesel outlet stores, you can find a number of affordable knit scarves that have some nice base blue or green tones to them- main thing with fashion scarves is that they are best worn not matching in color with your outfit- that's what winter/warm scarves are for
I think they just goto the warehouse before getting distributed to the outlet stores after 50%
Keep an eye out for 72L or 8TL; your 8YM is a good grab, but you'll be in need of a good light wash or two
poiak or darron 8C0 maybe other possbility could be poiak 8D5..  would need more pics to tell for sure
Looks good man from the pictures you posted, though if the 8b9's stretched as much as you said then a back pic might be warranted as some Thanaz stretched out can look funny in the ass.     I think the transition to Thanaz/Thavar definitely worked for you though- good choice in pairs too
Larkee, but guessing only euro release: http://www.jeansandfashion.com/en/men/jeans-men/diesel/larkee-8x8-g17p260177/
Yeah, Zatiny's way better; I don't know how Zathan is still around- only pair I still own is 72D
^^I still like Zatiny 8YM the best
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