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If I got any of the DBG from ssense it would be the perenz or paironsh 8E5's- that wash rocks
Sorry, not anymore- sold about a month ago; just havent update my sig.  . Only two thanaz I'd consider selling right now are 73H in 31x34 and 72C in 31x32, though I do have a pair Slammer 73J 31x32 I'd consider parting with, since you asked.      HumanB is selling legitimate 8WW. Expensive, but legit.
they are a very good fake.  the giveaway is the ink on the waistband stamp^
Betcha they are super stretched out for that size too given the phone wear- that only comes from wearing em a size too tight for too long.   Anyone else come across theese weird Orange Overdyes?  I wish a could find a plain 19cm version that looked like this:  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220624944663&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
Believe me, they were being pretty courteous up there actually- 2 years ago you wouldn't have made it past your second post here before being ridden out of town(website) on a rail, not to mention what would've happened to Mac.  I'm surprised we didn't see more comments here from MacTyler2 honestly   Go repost this on Jawnz and see what happens for example ;)
couldn't you just directly contact the rivet/zipper manufacturer directly to obtain a replacement?  I know Lampo will do this sometimes for free if you ask nicely (especially for defective parts), so what's the harm in asking others and offering to pay for shipping and part cost?
yep, that's what I said above also, and that especially goes for 73J- I went up to a 31x34 from my typical 31x32 for Thanaz 73J since the extra stacking looks much better with this particular wash.
Yep, Dark cloud^
Mac,   How tall are you?  Just thinking first off you might want a 32 length to get more stacking- that is key with Thanaz.  Secondly, they should be sagged at least a little, not hiked up- IF you cannot do this, then go up a waist size to 30.  They will stretch out about a half size or so, but unless you really go crazy on trying to stretch them, don't expect to get a full size out of the stretch.  If you look at the Zac fugly pics, you'll notice that the center...
New Posts  All Forums: