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no selling in this thread- mall only^   Shame those both are miscut too;   Hate it when the manufacturer fucks up a great pair of jeans with a fly that doesn't fall right when you wear em, especially on beautiful washes like those.
Who knows on ebay what an uninformed bidder will pay if they like the look, but a 21cm used pair will not fetch much in the picky forum communities I'm guessing.  Personally, I would only buy unworn or barely worn and unwashed raw denim and the 21cm cut is not the most popular either, especially if the legs are altered which I'm assuming you did if the hems are chewed.  Expect anywhere from $90-$200 just depending on the look, specific condition and how you spin the...
I was really disappointed in Shioner 8AA- doesn't have the same coating treatment that was used with Thanaz 8AA and it just looks bleh.  Looking forward to newer washes that're coming out in that cut though-
I'd take some WAYWT pics, Sand, but the wifey lost our crappy camera at the mall yesterday.  I'll participate when I get a new one next week sometime
you so funny Sand..
do your wife a favor and buy from a mainline store and not an outlet- Coach makes inferior bags for the outlet and throws a few ugly 2 year old items that never sold in the real stores as a side note.  She will ride you much longer and harder if you get a nice detailed patchwork purse anyways as opposed to the bland fabric C print outlet ones that will wear out at the corners/bottom in 6 months anyways. Why barely meet the minimum requirements when you can spend the...
How the fuck does a 84 post person get a moderator position?? No offense to you personally Colleen, but the least they could've done is bent the rules and put you in an account with a decent post history; denimblog has created new fake members to simulate site traffic and Dave himself has pointlessly bumped 3 year old threads to improve SEO standings for euorhemng (misspelled on purpose) jeans terms so a respectable post count isn't too much to ask for IMO for a new mod. ...
Looks like 8WW w/acid shits on it
darker and more/equal stretch factor Im guessing
Just picked these Monk's up as an alternative to my basic black Florsheim dress shoes; I believe they are '06-'07ish but got an awesome deal and they're NWB:  
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