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I would suggest considering Darron as well. you would like that cut
Perenz 8E5- Only place that still has them is SSense.com, but all bigger sizes   Onijo 71J   Slammer 73H (2nd one)   DDG Raw Like (DDG 64 LA028) second to last
^Higher waist w/ a taper   Not sure I can remember off the top of my head, but I'll try   Thanaz- 71b, 71J, 72L, 73H, 73J, 8JF, 8GZ, 17F, 8B5, 8L4, 8KW   Slammer- 8JS, 8BI, 61X, 8AA, 73J, DDG, 73H, 71J   Zatiny- 8TL, 8YM, 72L   Darron- 71V, 8SM   Onijo- 71J, 732   Viker- 71B, 8RD, 8EB   Safado- 8BI, 8HU, 8L9, 8UP   Paddom- 8HU, 71J   Larkee- 8SS, 8FR   Heeven Dirty Thirtys   Reslim 761, MA119   Poiak 8ZB Timmen...
8AA sucks without the resin coating
73J has the same holes as 71J(or 88s, just not the slash marks), but used the same denim as 73H.   No other wash releases have similar application in terms of the holes, but there are a number of over-distressed washes out there like 8JF, 8AR in Thanaz.  The 73J/73H wash dye richness reminds me a lot of the old 713 wash or as Zdenal said, 71B. . The splatter on 8KW is more of a subtle bleached effect, not paint
the pockets on 8YM ruin it IMO, though the wash rocks.  8BI has a certain authentic mottled quality that makes it way more unique than any other wash I've ever seen(best release was Trouleg, followed by Slammer then Safado).  8YM is definitely influenced by dsquared and dior jean washes
that new danger mouse/shins collaboration
These are from the Truckistan collection from around 2006 I believe and made in morrocco.  Pretty expensive when they first came out and very rare.  the rainbow colored back pocket stitching in a gaudy design are not something most people like though- your best bet is to take LOTS of pictures including detailed microstitching pics and put them as a BIN OBO for like $250 and see if anyone offers
yeah saw those^ too bad they're a 27..
Thanaz 8UP? You must be mistaken.  I'm pretty sure that combo was never made
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