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If anyone wants a pair of Reslim MA118 in size 30, yoox found a pair in the back of their warehouse, it looks like:   http://www.yoox.com/us/36352188CK/item?dept=salemen#sts=sr_salemen80&cod10=36352188CK&sizeId=4   this is the same cord used on the notable Devil May Cry Hoock jacket; Reslim has the same yoke cut as Slammer and Poiak with a lower rise- inspired Dsquared's low rise straight leg cut
Pics Added- let me know if you have any questions- time's a tickin'  
PICS UP!! I've had a number of 73Js in thanaz and in other cuts over the years that I've sold here and elsewhere, but I tucked this specific pair away for myself as it has the best distressing iteration for the wash that I've come across regardless of cut. Only selling so I don't get underwater on bills. If I don't see any interest in the next 24 hours, they're going up for an eBay bin; figured I'd give everyone here for crack though This pair is from Lab275 and as I own...
They may have higher prices, but they often get the 34 length when US stores don't carry them; also ASOS often discounts the current diesel season before any of the other online retailers do(including Diesel)
^That was said last year and Thanaz 73J still commands a $400+ pricing on ebay and in the shop for key sizes.  Of course only time will tell
Just saw this thread for the Potente too- these were featured in a few of their adverts that season.   The pair I got were a sample pair with some slightly different details, like red beads on the zipper pull
actually just came across a pair of these pants- really awesome cut; I'll post the campaign pic and fit pic later
If these are authentic, then post pictures of all the tags
looks like a few decent leathers with some Diesel Black Gold in there- lemblud is worth the $$- kind of on the fence on that one personally despite the fact Adam Lambert wore it on idol
Never used the private sale site Prive before- usually go to gilt, but they have outerwear today and regular clothes tomorrow. Figured I'd give everyone a heads up
New Posts  All Forums: