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i got my boyfriend a pair of zaf t0z (which i think is a nordstrom exclusive, not sure). anyway, it was too big in the waist (he's a runner so he kind of has a huge ass) but that wasn't the biggest problem. the worst part was it was too tight in the thighs (not skin tight, but he wasn't comfortable and i wouldn't blame him) because he has larger thighs since he's a runner. would the larkee be a better fit? it seems like 'slim legs' don't work on him but i don't know if...
can anyone do me a favor? i heard that employees get some crazy discount for one item per season.. if anyone is willing to use the discount for me (i want to get a jacket) i'd be willing to pay them..
I need to downsize but I don't know how much I can get for them.. They're all in very good condition but they've been altered to like 30" inseam and used of course.. some of the are 'irregular' but there's nothing really irregular with them.. I have uraniums, apricot crowns, costellos, slayers, etc.
glad you like the ions (: the crowns look SOOO PRETTY!!!
mine tore too ):
ok so i got them around a year ago which sounds like a long time but considering how i've never had a pair of jeans rip in my entire life... anyways how can i go about replacing these? i paid retail at nordstrom for kiedis hydrogen; they are one of my favs and i'm so sad ):
great deal but that wash runs tiny..
butting in.. do fruits and vegetables count as carbs? i was thinking no but then i think of things like bananas... aren't they starchy?
i've always been scared to try them because i always do kiedis/roth and the rise seems fine to me.. but i am looking for red/fuschia crowns and i don't wanna reject londons if they're not too bad. can someone compare them to frankie bs or true religions?
this is such a great post I LOVE IT i would post some too but the oldest pics I have are from high school and I look exactly the same.. except fatter.
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