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Please I'm looking for any nice safados in size 34x30 unaltered. Or are there any stores that stock up like jjdenim used to??
Looking for some diesel vikers in 34x30. 71b 73j or any other killer washes. pm me please
you guys know what channel will be broadcasting most of the olympics in the u.s.? like track and field and what channel is going to cover soccer?
^ kubie what brand and how much?
yea we got neiman and saks, but damn a pair of boots from either store might hurt the bank
Quote: Originally Posted by ri0tp00f kubie buy tumi? AS IF you must not know him well enough lol. i forgot i was dealing with kubie
He is worthy of being called a baller
Quote: Originally Posted by kubie i need a messenger bag for my laptop. is this yay or nay? Don't recommend me Guidi,M.A+ or Augusta( can't afford to buy them). Thanks Kubie pls dont buy the above messenger bag. I dont know how much you are willing to spend but for really good quality messenger bags at a reasonable price, checkout Tumi, they have a wide variety, they might have something you like: TUMI Official Site: Travel & Luggage >...
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanduke Any opinions on this? I don't even know how much it costs, actually. But it's by A.P.C. thats a nice messenger bag. is it just the angle of the pic or is the texture of the flap slightly different from the rest of the bag?
ryan I've given up on finding boots man.. all the boots i've bought so far always fit fugly upon arrive in the mail.. do you guys know any store I can walk-in, try and buy nice boots at a reasonable price? i need some nice casual boots bad
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