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All these free clinique products I got. Clinique Moisture Surge? It's like a cup of water on a hot summer's day..replenishing your skin instantly and not oily..LOL
What? 0_o I don't understand your comment Jeanius.
These are men's btw. =D
Color code: SHRD Style code: TAYNLOMJ02 CUT #: 002227 I'm trying to find this pair for my boyfriend to match mine! =) Thank you for whoever helps me identify these.
I honestly think ( hope the R&R goddesses don't mind) that Joe's is better quality then R&R..or similar to.. HONESTLY because Joe's has a nice snug but comfy fit, while R&R to me is meant to be for like skinny girls with long legs or something.. it's so hard for me to find a good pair of comfy jeans.. say if R&R jeans FIT, something will be wrong like my butt looks flat in them or its too tight on my thighs.. but with Joe's, if it FITS, it's comfortable, I don't have to...
i love joe's!
jimmy's that's all i know =)
Thank you =)
doesn't look like it IMO.. but maybe..
Yes, that's what I meant.. Thank you so much again for another response! =)
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