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Do you know all the people going to this jean party? Will there be fakes there? Most jeans parties I know of sell fakes and if people go no one will buy your real jeans for that much if they know the parties are for fakes and want jeans for cheap. (like $50 cheap) I am sorry if I am wrong and they are legit jean parties. I just have only heard of fake jeans parties.
I know this is totally random esp on this forum. But it has always been my dream and my husbands esp to go to the superbowl. This year it is in arizona and a quick trip for us. our team (patriots) have a good shot to go and my sister and her fiance are going. He works for NFL but could only get a tix for her. Most of the tickets to the superbowl go to corporations, etc and not actually sold to anyone esp fans. I know there are lots of us on here with good jobs that...
Oh and I forgot to say... maternity designer denim is totally worth it. The resale on ebay is huge! I got great deals and then resold them after I had worn them and made money! Maternity jeans on ebay get very pricey!
I had a couple pairs of COH maternity jeans when I was preggo. THey were awesome!!! I hated the seven ones though. They fit terribly... and seven's are usually my favorite. But.... I do know that "heyitsrobin" picked up a bunch of COH maternity at the sample sale recently. I don't know if she has sold them all yet but I'd pm her.
My husband has sprint and my son dropped his phone and it is broken. Can still call but certain buttons don't work. We can't upgrade until March 1st. Looking to maybe buy one on ebay. ANyone had luck?? Or does anyone happen to have a working sprint compatible cell phone that they would like to sell for cheap until we can upgrade in March?? Doesn't need many features. Just ability to text.
Quote: Originally Posted by dannysgirl45 Well, they were talking about A-Rod during the game last night, and how he won't re-sign with the Yankees because he's unsure of the makeup of the team for the upcoming years...HE'S definately shopping himself around. That was totally bush-league of A-Rod to announce he will opt out on the day of Game 4 of WS. Total attention seeker. At least the Yanks waited until today to announce they offered job...
Oh and FYI... I was sooooo jealous. Three of my friends were at game 3 and 4!!!! They flew out from Boston. And then even went to an official MLB party last night.
Quote: Originally Posted by KaiSurf He might be the sexiest grey haired guy ever other than Clooney. Actually he's better than Clooney IMO cause he's a SOX!!
I had a VB but as a nurse I have one bit of advice. Take the painkillers they give you! It will not hurt the baby, but it will speed up your recovery. Just don't think that if you aren't in too much pain you can do to much. And take any help you can get!!! Just like Maylin said.
Quote: Originally Posted by blm14 I'm too poor to bet on anything. There's actually a lot of new yorkers who are red sox fans. I will probably be going to Pat Obriens to watch the gane wed: Red Sox Hang Outs - Bars, restaurants and fan clubs Believe it or not, even in washington heights, which is FULL of dominicans, you see people wearing the B logo. It became MUCH more prevalent after 2004 tho... Ugh. Bandwagoners bug me (not you). But...
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