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These boots from N.D.C are in great condition. I bought them used and I've kept them waterproofed (suede specific spray) and kept the soles waxed for around 4 years. I think I've worn these nearly 10 times, maximum. They look exactly as I purchased them (I don't drag my heels) which is not surprising because the quality is ridiculously good. Feel free to ask questions.    size 42.5    $180 shipped obo           
uhh....was that a joke?   anyway, i posted my orange overdyes in the classifieds section.   really cheap, only $350, and in immaculate condition. don't sleep, i need these sold.
Skinnier than almost all of the dior orange overdyes I have seen. Immaculate condition. Cheap, $350 shipped US, $375 shipped internationally. Grail item, you'll regret sleeping on this sale. 19cm, size 28, from F/W 2004. :waist dipped: 14.7 :waist alligned: 15.5 :rise: 9.5 :thigh: 10 :knee: 7 :hem: 7 :inseam: 36
those are NOT orange overdye.
it will?
just to let everybody know, mcqueen is not designing a single thing for target...but a bunch of his interns will be. not to say it wont be cool...its just not going to be mcqueen.
yeah thats a legit outfit lee +1
its just more ugly than a bad fit per say.
sick dust ant.
dont matter to me.. its just "negging" is a fightin' word motherfu&*$^...
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