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Much softer. Zathan 8IN is a fairly thin soft material compared to a much harder more rusted 764.  
lol terrible fake. microstiching etc  
The Zatiny 8AT. It's not quite as defined with the whiskering but still a pretty decent wash.   I have a pair of '03 Zathan 772's if you're interested in the first, deeper wash as a side note.
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how come these went for so cheap? they're considering the nicer model of the 722 and a decent size right? Diesel Zathan Jeans size 30 zatiny - eBay (item 280338970036 end time May-01-09 21:58:39 PDT)
agree with ross.
haha the guy's just trying to save some money on ebay picture fees. but doesn't like auctiva allow for as many free pictures as you want? i dunno, personally i just copy and paste all the links, but i can see what you mean ross.
Diesel Zathan 772 30x29 100% authentic zaf safado 71j - eBay (item 230275708369 end time Aug-03-08 18:30:00 PDT) i know they're not the best 772's and they don't have the original hem, but with less than a day to go, they're pretty damned cheap.
I think they're a bit too tight and should be sized up one. Although, pulling it down a bit might help some. P.S: Next time, put on a shirt.
post a frontal pic. but from the back it seems alright.
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