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Anybody seen this style before? If so any info you have on it would be great! New Coach Purse - (eBay item 200185464548 end time Dec-23-07 16:40:05 PST)
I know these are older Flynts but anybody know what color etc? Thanks!
Just bought a pair of Mia studs and I love them. Get lots of compliments on them. But if you don't like them, get rid of them!!!
Was there this morning (Chino Hills Ca) and I think they may have had a few but only like in 24 or 25's left. Don't remember what the price was. The one in Glendale CA has quite a few when I was there on Sunday.
I ordered mine (2 on March 1st and via live chat they told me they shipped today!
Just got back and they had a rack full of NYD flare stretch and 100% cotton Dojos. Not to cheap though. $80. Not damaged and they are newer ones I think with the elastone. They said they just got them in this morning. They had all different sizes. This was at the Rack in Chino in Cali. Have not called around anywhere else yet!
The say mine is backordered! At least that is not a cancellation, not yet anyway!!!
It seems to me anyway that the older pairs of Sevens and Citizens had the polyurethane, and then came the lycra and now the elastan. The ones I have tried with lycra always fit tighter on me than the poly. Have not yet tried the new ones though. Wonder if they will be tighter or not??? Have a pair on the way so we shall see!
Yeah tried those with some flares and did not quite come out so good. Definately stick with bootcuts if you are gonna do it.
FYI, just a response I received to a question as to inventory... We will have a limited number of Citizens of Humanity but this time we'll have a lot more 7 for all Mankind, which is a similar fit. Hope this helps! Just wanted to update you. We will have a total of about 50 pairs of Citizens of Humanity for women and an additional 10 for men available that day.
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