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looking for some suggestions on what you guys have right now. looking for a pair of aviators right now and probably something else, just want some ideas.
i'm just a lurker on the forum. i guess i just found it strange because this forum puts such an emphasis on exterior appearance that you would assume that the person would like so called "pretty" things. i do agree with the point that everyone has different tastes. but i just find it to be so drastic cause on one hand their appearance is so important to them but on the other hand the guys they end up with seem like the polar opposite.
i am amazed that most of the time women seem to like the opposite. take this forum for example. most ladies will buy the designer brands but don't really care what their bf's dress in. girls that are pretty don't like a "pretty boy" bf, but like to go after the opposite. in most instances in life we strive for the best for ourselves, education, jobs etc. but when ladies choose guys it seems like they don't. i know that is being shallow but there is some truth to imho.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marilyn_M Um what? Is there supposed to be a general feeling towards men who are good looking but not gay? I just put the straight part so that it was known that i wasn't talking about the guys who put make up on themselves. I wasn't referring to those "pretty boys" And no, I know this was my first post and all but I was just wondering, so thought I would throw it out there. I've been checking out the site lately...
Just looking for some opinions. When it comes to pretty boys it seems like women just like the eye candy factor and thats it. What do you ladies or guys think about pretty boys in general. I'm talking about guys that are straight that are just born really good looking.
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