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are these still readily available in the US in stores ? to be honest, these would be a my first pair of diesel jeans and i would love to try them on before buying them so i can see how they fit.
So I absolutely love this wash and want to buy them. However, i live in Toronto, Canada and can't find them locally at all. I know I can buy them online (ebay), but without trying them on, I have no clue what size I should buy. Is this particular wash still readily available in the US ? Buffalo/NYC in particular ? Would love to pick these up in the near future. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. Also, how much would a brand new pair run me ? seems like...
i absolutely love the zatiny 8iw wash. not really into premium denim, but i have to get these. whats the best price i can find them for ? or have you guys seen them at ? live in canada, so retail is really high here. any suggestions or direction on where to look would be greatly appreciated. (new pair only). thanks
jskidder, you do speak the truth. guess i was sorta being a label whore and wanted something with a small logo or something.
thanks for the link notfrostyjosh. those aren't bad, but not really my cup of tea. not a fan of zipper wallets and those seem to be more hipster than classy which is what i'm aiming for. just my opinion though.
sh0ebox how does it hold up seeing it seems to be made of canvas/vinyl ? lilcram's gucci wallet seems to be made of the same material and is wrecked after 2 years and i'm sure its just from normal use only.
designer: any chance you could find a pic or have a pic of the wallet you bought ? was this a long time ago ? as for what i'm looking for the main is that its bi fold and the regular square shaped. not the longer ones that look like cheque books or anything of that sort.
Currently i'm looking for a new men's wallet was hoping for some suggestions. i would love to buy the graphite louis vuitton damier, but i just can't justify paying that much right now. looking for: - bi-fold and probably leather - classy, nothing kiddish. budget: upto $150 was thinking about coach, but let me know what brands/websites you guys/gals have in mind for to me to check out. thanks in advance.
ryan, those Tretorn Skanes (i think thats what you have on) look great. how much did you get them for ?
personally i like bootcut with any form of footwear. what i don't like with the straight legs is that with the shoes from the side view they look so long and just don't look right. and if you have any form of high cut shoes (unless slim) won't fit over the tongue, so the bottom of the jeans just bunches up. i think that looks terrible. but again, this is just my opinion.
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