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RARE DIESEL LEMMEN WASH 772 STRAIGHT LEG JEANS 29/30 - eBay (item 320490866078 end time Feb-26-10 11:08:46 PST) Lemmen 772. 29/30
Quote: Originally Posted by cloud9 Yes he sent me pictures of other 73js. he said the ones in the picture are sold already, If I buy it now from the ebay, I'll get a random pair of jeans from what he has. only I get to choose the wash if I pay him directly through the paypal. yeah so say send me pics of the exact jeans or i wont buy them.
if you need energy try a caffeine pill. way cheaper. those drinks are just dissolved caffeine pills neways.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mhsieh how can u distinguish b/w a fake and areal one... (sigh..)
i think he means you wont get the ones in the picture. i would make him send exact pics..if youre paying hundreds of dollars..he can spend 5 mins and take pics. he will do it if you threaten with a no sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hikari Best Gucci Shoes Storeiscount Gucci Shoes and handbags On Sale - Best Gucci bags Shop has ridiculous deals for gucci and Lv shoes. real or fake? duh.
i have a new pair of zathan '06 8be size 33/32.. msg me if interested..
Did you know the same guys that does ed hardy is also the same guy that did von dutch? the stuff is actually all over the clearance racks at marshalls..so yeah its dying.
all ed hardy is fake
Quote: Originally Posted by zdenal_cz ^ you have Zatiny 73J 30x30 (hemmed) in the mall now! http://www.honestforum.com/mens-30-3...73j-30x30.html $325 is a ripoff. And they are hemmed. And I will never pay above full retail purely out of spite.
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