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Welcome and thanks for info... Your raws looks great, I like them a lot!  
  Jake 11 I guess.
Fanker is men mini bootcut, period.
quick shots from iphone (they are way too tight, even when I count some stretch... I would need size 31 so I will return them or any offer? ).      
ok, will take some pics when I will have some time.
yes, they are 19cm (but they aren't so "worth" as MII or even MIJ). I think I will keep them, will try to wear and stretch them around the house first. They were really cheap, 128 euros shipped.  
I received them today, they are RAWs - Made in Moroco red selvadge. Yoox pics are kinda innacurate, stitching is really amber, not tonal... But they are pretty dark, almost like on the picture, what I really like. I'm still not sure, if I will keep them, they are size 30 (my usual size is 31 or 32), they fit great except snug waist, I almost couldnt button them. I will see, if they will stretch...      
don't like this wash at all :-/
I would say it's Orange overdye, because they varries from pair to pair a lot.
yes, because it's too late. all good sizes are sold out. btw. when I checked the preview they were listed also Ink me (already sold out), so don't know, which size(s).   yes, they looks nice except the "printing???" at front and back pockets. Btw. I got coupon for 30% sale of F/W items from LVR today (Black Friday sale)...  
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