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Yes, they look weird because all of them are very old. But I doubt they are fake... Also the fact, official diesel online store is a part of yoox group, I don't think they are selling fakes. Period...
Only Rukky cut from Diesel has this kind of backpockets. So google it to find similar wash.
difference between tepphar and krooley is clear. just i want to add the different waist / back / backpockets construction between thavar and shioner...   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/191761/diesel-industry-jeans-master-cut-list-w-updates
        It's not Cassidy for sure! Cassidy is more bulkier and doesn't have the "hiking hooks" for laces.
:-) you have to wear shoes / boots with 2 inches platform... It's the difference between L32 and L34 (usually).
I thought this thread is about pics...
from what I can see from that small pics, I would say they are authentic... All details looks OK to me (stitching, backpockets, coinstrip, fly, etc.).
no way...
One wash could be made in different countries, so e.g. 88Z could be Made in Italy and Made in Romania for example.
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