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yes, there could be small difference in details (e.g. backpocket stitching). I don't know about the quality issues in re-releases.
R0 means re-release of wash and jeans will go to the outlets usually.
Diesel Thanaz 71J W31 x L34   - worn but in 9/10 condition, no alterations, no rips, no stains; - made in Italy; - 100% cotton; - without tags; - very rare.   I think it's better to post few pictures to show how great this wash / cut combo is. Enjoy! Check my ebay feedback 100% - zdenal_cz; payment via paypal. Please send me message for any additional pics or questions you may have. Thank...
Yes, Ramirez and me posted pics of Excess 8ML.   http://store.diesel.com/nl/diesel-black-gold/jeans_cod36293598is.html This is different wash, don't know the name and even the cut was very slightly different e.g. backpockets. Btw. I really like the new wash. Nice!!!!
^^ Dior Homme :-)))))
  Wow, sorry man, they look good even you sized up 2. Sorry, I thought they will look bad...
you will receive them for sure, I doubt it's "pricing error", sometimes are very expensive wash/cut combos listed very cheaply. That's the "good find" ;-)   yes
cheap GP on yoox http://www.yoox.com/item.asp/dept/previewmen/tskay/0784B54C/cod10/42263892OQ/sts/sr_previewmen80
    based on pictures I would say it's DBG Excess
^ authentic
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