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      What you didn't get?
yes, authentic, next time please here http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/58175/official-authenticity-superthread
yes, legit Lemmen (Lemmen's successor is Timmen).
Yes, authentic
Looks ok, regarding white tag at waist(back)..., older cuts doesnt have this, everything was on the inner tags at your front pocket, where the indian head tag should be...
I think you will return them, they will be huge everywhere... :-/
yes, they are stiff and denim is "rough", go with your standard Thanaz size. here are some pics of pair I sold...              
necro post, auction is from 2005
I didn't find it anywhere, so I'm asking - what's size of your tepphar and jogg krooleys? I'm still not sure what size to choose (because of the lenght). Thank you!
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