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Hello, it's not DH ref number, please take a look at inner tag (at left from pocket/seam, see bellow)...
All pairs are authentic IMO; I'm not speaking about they are really old, damaged and outdated (wouldn't wear any of them now, wouldn't pay anything for them). Last point, pair one is woman cut for sure...
17,5cm raws? please post ref. number...
I thought it's Soulmate or Find again, but it isn't... :-/
seems to be authentic pair, but don't know wash...
easy answer, just google it or check some pictures here... And no, knee should look like this: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/193578/dior-homme-blue-crash-summer-day-19cm-cut-size-32
I really don't like this artificial distressing at knee and thighs (4th picture mostly).
really nice 8gz, congrats! And all the small details are the difference between old great washes (leather zip puller, gemstone button, rivets at outer seams, triple stitching with different colors etc.) and new, usually only distressed and dirty washes. In comparison are the newer washes cheap... IMO.
cheap leaden sky http://www.yoox.com/item.asp/dept/men/tskay/0784B54C/cod10/42246681/sts/sr_men80   and last size rack rail http://www.yoox.com/item.asp/dept/men/tskay/0784B54C/cod10/42246682/sts/sr_men80
@jr008 very nice fit!!! Are your shoes ndc?
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