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they should be same as 882R without those diesel "stickers / patches" http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/192372/thavar-882r-braddom-881z-krooley-880w-and-diesel-adidas-zx-700
authentic, next time please http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/58175/official-authenticity-superthread
Just google it
lol, the guy has more of fakes obviously.
Does anyone own jogg jeans Krooley 800A? I would like to see pics, not stock pics. TIA!
I had my standard Thanaz size, when I wore and had them (already sold few years ago). They didn't stretch so much..., also remember there is no option to choose lenght, so inseam depends on jeans size.
seems ok with authentic stuff, but never ordered anything from them.
@Maddy law - jeans are 100% fake. And Baltimore, i guess you mean DDG line, but it's not even close to be "standard" diesel line jeans. Details are totally off, faked rivets, buttons, uggly inner tags ( BE STUPID motto was ONLY for standard diesel and only on "add" t-shirt), inner tag with indian head is on wrong side (should be at right), etc. Period.
@freeradical nice fit for both of you. more diesels for you partner ;)
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