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Here are some pictures of 71J I copped for around 25 euros , btw. I keep them for summer ;)  
Both pictures -> wrongly sized Krooley (carrot cut).
seems it some re-release or special batch for Browns..., I already saw RAWs customized for Browns.
^ same here, but I bought DBG Excess instead of Safado 8X2, I'm starting to be "old" to wear "loud" washes such 8X2 is, I think...
Current: Blue crash / Summer day - 19cm RAW indigo MIJ - 19cm UMC 09 - 19cm Griffith park - 19cm Jake 11 - 17,5cm   Previous: don't remember   Maybe some day: Super slender in black and in grey / green RAW indigo MII some coated pair - Arcadius / Sharp notation...
Take some pics and post it here http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/58175/official-authenticity-superthread/9400#post_1749451
OK, sorry, it seems some pairs have it some not. But here are quick shots of my Griffith park and UMC inner tags (just checked Jake 11, Blue crash and MIJ raws -> not tag).          
there should be small tag in the coin pocket or in the right front pocket with number. just google it...
I guess it's very washed out waxing moon. It's not sheers for sure.   Edit: because they are really washed out, they could be also Nocturnal light.  
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