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still same questions :-))))
We are getting older and also we tried DH, it's the reason, I think...
It's 09 A/W collection and of course already sold out ;-))) Hard to find as BNWT pair, same like UMC maybe even harder. I'm waiting for pair in my size and for "good" price more than 2 years :-o   Edit: some DenimBar's pics http://s538.photobucket.com/albums/ff344/TheDenimBar/Dior/Dior%20Homme%20As%20good%20as%20new/  
Depends on method of payment... If you paid via PayPal, there is no need to confirmation from your bank. And regarding shipping time - it took 1 day since the parcel was shipped (all my orders were delivered next day after shipment; inside EU). Not sure what the process if you use credit card.
e.g. Shioner 8PN, I'm not into the light washes + distressing doesn't look naturaly.
It's only about different taste... And I should write I like Karacho's outfit more than your. I just don't like this kind of tees, hoodies etc. with huge brand name / logo.
For me it looks much more better than Levislad's jeans and hoodies with huuuge diesel mohawk logo on the chest. Sorry Lee ;-) If Karacho will change his shoes for some one colored, it will be even better. But everybody has own opinion...   Btw. I also remember you wore some "stylish" RR / SFAM or whatever jeans and some clothing I would never wear some months ago and you changed your style and opinion now... I can't find your older posts, strange ;-)
Nothing new except DBG Excess... I'm pretty OK with my "collection" now. Maybe I could sell my DH Blue crash / Summer day size 32, because I don't remember, when I wore them last time...
nice Narrot fit, finally something different...  
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