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  Hi, you can go with same size as Diesel in Day off...
Don't try it, we don't need more DH addicted guys... ;-)
^ not sure, if "blue used" jeans exists, but I though it's like clawmarks without the clawmarks :-)))
I don't have this size (I wear size w32 in 71B), but you should ask for thighs, knee, leg opening measurements rather. Usually I wear size w31 in diesel, but I had to size up to size 32 in 71B not because of waist or hips, but because of the overall leg tightness... Regarding the comparison of 73J and 71B - 71B is very stiff and tight wash with almost no "stretch after wears"; 73J is more comfortable and also I can "feel" some stretching out after some wears. So...
they look ok, stacking needs some time, because brand new jeans are like cardboard. Also the angle of picture and no shoes isn't the best way to get overview how jeans fit you. From what is visible from the pics - you choose right size ;-). So take some "full" body with shoes picture, sag your jeans little bit. We all will see difference. Btw. what's the wash? Is it clawmarks or blue used?
          Sorry guys, hard to say, I would need better pictures...
just use iron denim patch...
lol, it looks like oversized (at least 3 sizes) of every possible diesel cut :-)))
it's not 8IW, but it's real pair of Lemmen or Timmen
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