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Which size did you go with Jake 2011 17.5cm? I received them on Tuesday (size 33; sized up from size 32 GP) and they are huge (first time I though they are 19cm). I can pull them down buttoned :-/ Wtf? Now I'm waiting for the exact measurement of size 31 from LVR, because I think size 32 will be big also. Really don't understand the sizing of KVA 17,5cm.Updated:measurements received, so I sized down to size 31, hope the measured it well. Btw. if is anyone interested:LVR...
gtfo with fakes, OK?
  they finally stocked my size...
^^ don't wash or alter them, just sell and buy right size.
sorry, don't know the wash, but from posted small picture jeans look authentic
welcome mate, nice collection, especially clawmarks!
^^ depends if your washed 19cm model is sized well... Sizing down for RAWs really depends on your body build, but I wouldn't do that. Once again, if you went in you right size in washed pair. Otherwise you will look like in leggins + you will got really big blownout crotch.
ooops, I don't know, what size to choose in Super Slenders, but from what I read, they are super stretchy...
I don't think :-/
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