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yoox sells authentic stuff from older seasons, but I don't have any problem with quality or any defect items.
   I do NOT agree.
^ nice   ^^ they stretched a bit in standard places like normal jeans, knees, back, waist, but only a bit + I wear belt everytime. So they fit still good, almost same like brand new. Yes, I bought my standard size.
Thavar-NE 604N Lawles low
yes, only selected items; NO free shipping :-/
DH Jake Diesel Lawles
Very nice!!!
may I get some more pics of Tepphar 835L, it looks promissing ;-)   Edited: ah, just found http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/201484/tepphar-835l-and-thavar-ne-830q-fit-pics-and-review Thx!
use this http://new.denimblog.com/c/t/97160/helping-me-id-this
thavar-ne 604n + few different details = reboot thavar. and yes, they are authentic
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