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S-tapas shirt
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they are too big for my taste even it's designed to be oversized. also crown must hurt into your wrist.
;-) Thx, this coat was in my "dreambox" since I found it on asos website. With 20% off it was the right time to buy it. Btw. there were approx 7 pieces on the stock in last size available yesterday evening, today it's sold out. http://www.asos.com/Sisley/Sisley-Wool-Over-Coat/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=4023298
Nice buy guys! @straychev - i'm just curious what size are you in diesel and sisley tops? I pulled the trigger on sisley coat from asos yesterday. I'm not sure if it will fit me, althought I have few benetton and sisley tees and wool jumpers, but I cut of the inner tags, So I don't know my sizr exactly )) I ordered same size like in diesel... 50IT / 40UK / L
strange, all hardware, details like folded coin pocket, rear leather badge, stitching at zip fly, etc. etc. is OK. It's authentic pair IMO (it's possible there are some variations to 608T since I don't know this wash). It's authentic but maybe faulty pair.
I would also say it's authentic pair.
ooops, I didn't screenshot email properly, sorry.   Yes, it's asos, edited also my previous post. ;-)
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