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Aah, ok. Yes, if I remember well, I provided you my LVR account with private sale chained to my ID
it's very dark and blue Jake. on that last picture it looks almost like worn in raw
One of my favorite wash, very nice and super comfy 881w + black rest ))
really don't know. but it's not DH on the first picture, because of darts are missing (backpocket design)
http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/3162671/nick-lachey-caught-shirtless-on-his-roof-by-wife-vanessa-02/fullsize/   it looks like safado or viker (most probably) backpockets.
thank you. I'm not sure if I will get them because of the smell :-/ Anyway, thanks again guys!!!
uuf, smell? :-) ok, I will think about it. thank you!
Hello guys (especially Karacho / Straychev) :-) , could you please tell me what's the sizing on Tepphar 824B. They are actually on sale + free shipping on yoox (I already posted in sales thread) http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/198770/sales-discounts-coupons-and-codes-everything-that-saves-us-money/400#post_1833656   I have Tepphar in 881w, 804k, 602s, 813w and black 0aabs_stretch washes, if anyone could compare to these?
yoox 20% off on non-discounted items + free shipping (no codes needed)
I wouldnt say its superbia based cut / sucessor. Pictured pair doesnt have twisted seams.
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