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tepphar 830k looks shitty on the online store. I hope they don't look like this IRL. http://store.diesel.com/cz/jeans_cod36539668pl.html   If they look like here, I have to buy them (even I can't wear them to office). Is the brave good old diesel back? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DIESEL-TEPPHAR-0830K-830K-31-32-2014-15-SLIM-CARROT-THAVAR-SHIONER-THANAZ-/151304247803?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_212&hash=item233a6f99fb
Wow, very nice Aahz, you don't need to size up nor down.
Yep, it's reason why I post it in this thread ))
 OMG, I just received message from Giamatshop and size 32 isn't available. Seller Mode-destock is also out of 32 size (sold out during waiting for giamatshop response). Great :-/ There are few of size 32 available but super expensive in comparsion with 170 euros I paid... Any finds I missed? TIA
      Same here, I'm w31 or w32 in Thavars and I got Thavar-ne 604Z in size 32. I'm waiting for delivery of 604N from giamantshop also in size 32 and hope they will fit fine. But I can not wear Krooley joggs, because size 30 is very fitted and short and size 32 is just big :-/ It's the reason I sold 800A and 800D.
 same here :-/
nice even i'm not into light washes ;-)
also this superbia jogg looks promising http://store.diesel.com/cz/jeans_cod36501924eu.html
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