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@Phukette - great buys! I also checked that black denim jacket on allsaints yesterday. Good price when you get 50% off :-)   @Chaser - looks OK. Depends on you, if it's comfortable to move in that size. I size up in "slim fit" diesel shirts actually.
Yes, authentic pair
 Some update, I returned this coat, size was OK, but was a bit long for my taste + there was no lining at all. It's not "winter" coat for sure because the material was very very thin. So I bought mid season Diesel field jacket, J-chalo.   Plus I'm waiting for CP achilles, SL, Marc Jacobs leather sneakers alternative from yoox. Nothing to loose because of free shipping ;-) Brand name is 8
authentic and worn pair (inner waist tag shows some wears, a lot imo).
Leg opening on old thanaz washes was much more narrower than thavar leg opening + stay on your standard thanaz /thavar size in 73J
Only for brave
   I know Sleenker is skinny cut, surprisingly :-). Based on your last 2 pictures, your rear must suffer + there will be big material tension which will lead to blow crotch, all IMO. 
I would size up for sure (maybe 2 sizes :-)))
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