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np mate, I didn't mean it against you but about the cut overall. Yes, I'm also not in Darron ;-)
      tepphar 881w + achilles low black
x2 Also I really like these colours, but I'm not used to wear white, offwhite shoes
I like this wash, not sure about cut Belther. But as I wrote, nice medium / light blue pair for everyday...
Not Diesel (I didn't buy Tepphar 824B from yoox in sale because of smell, maybe later when they will be cheaper), but I'm on shoes "shopping spree". Today arrived CP Achilles from Corner. Worn pics later today...     Also awaiting Nike Internationalist PGS in grey (delivery schedules for tomorrow). Pictures bellow are from Asos, but I got my pair from Yoox with free shipping.
Aah, ok. Yes, if I remember well, I provided you my LVR account with private sale chained to my ID
it's very dark and blue Jake. on that last picture it looks almost like worn in raw
One of my favorite wash, very nice and super comfy 881w + black rest ))
really don't know. but it's not DH on the first picture, because of darts are missing (backpocket design)
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