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Only for brave
   I know Sleenker is skinny cut, surprisingly :-). Based on your last 2 pictures, your rear must suffer + there will be big material tension which will lead to blow crotch, all IMO. 
I would size up for sure (maybe 2 sizes :-)))
pictures stolen from online store... let me guess :-)
yes, denim is thin and stretchy. btw. maybe it's not even denim, :-) I wouldn't size down for sure, in size my size (32x32) they have very narrow leg opening and part bellow the knee. It would look sized down like leggins on me.   But it's hard to say, depends on your body and prefferences. :-)
Thanks guys... Actually I'm a bit different in terms of "usuall" sizing (even in most of you size up / down depending on wash). In Thavar I'm 32x32 (811p, 8x2, joggs); in Tephar 31x32 in 813w and 32x32 in 602s, 881w, 804k (maybe I could size down, but I got this pair in this size for 30 euros). But wearing Tepphars is much more comfortable for me than wearing Thavars, maybe because of the lower crotch and wider thighs.
  tee diesel cardigan diesel watches diesel tepphar 602s diesel thor
google did it   http://www.styleforum.net/t/422668/dior-size-36-21-cm-straight-cut-made-in-japan-silver-selvedge-denim
^^ I have the low version of Lawless and I went in my standard Diesel size.
Btw. I find Tepphar, if properly sized fits me much more better and what's more important to me, comfortable than thavar. I still own old epic Thanaz washes (like 71B, 8AA...) and they fit different than newer Thavars, IMO. Thanaz has much more narrower leg openings and slimmer legs than Thavar that I have / had.
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