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thank you for review, dc! they fit you great. Unfortunatelly they are to much ripped and slashed :-) for my taste. I have to find 881W for cheap :-)
nice find, but those 8AA are very very washed-out, there is almost no "shine coating", there are lot's of phone / wallet fades. Actually 8AA should be color consistent without any fading and distressing. They should look like this: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/67230/thanaz-8aa-pics-finally   I can take pics of my pair tomorrow how they should look like.
yes, it's 3cm (bicavani model) and those 2 are 3,5cm
 I received belt, it's very nice and very good quality IRL, but I'm still not decided, if I keep it. I though (based on stock pics), it will be a bit wider than it is. What do you think guys? New belt is also in the smaller belt loops (comparision bicavani, new-ety and unknown diesel belts). 
i would say reason is that spam links were already deleted before you connected - europe vs. us time zones.
There is sale for Czech republic more than week I guess. Just one note, it' 30% on denim usually, 50% for the rest of stuff.
  colder rainy day diesel lexis leather jacket random black tee diesel thavar 604n leather chucks
bicavani belt. I also like biosport and brisping belts but I think those spikes could tear other clothing.   And finally I got Thavar 807V for good price. It's actually my first pair of Diesel, where is a bit mess with inner tags, one tag was cutted away and there are 2 at zip fly. Strange. But I'm sure, it's authentic + bought from dress for less. Btw. did anyone try to re-iron the waxy shine?  
Nice find for that price. Where did you find it if may I ask?
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