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I like them still (posted one pic in What are you wearing... thread now), but Phukette is right, it's not denim. And I'm not so lucky, my pair isn't MII.
602s 804K
yes, I remember, but detail on back pocket is something totally different than different back part of jeans :-)
really? I really don't like different front and back part of jeans. It looks weird IMO.
brave and rich :-D
yes, thanks for the videos. Cool stuff, but diesel is moving in direction which is not my cup of tea. Very loud, big logo, multicolor leather with slogans and pictures (wtf?) etc. etc. this is just not my style. Maybe I'm old and Diesel is focusing to younger customers, but with their skyhigh pricetags??? But I think it's good for my valet, I will just need to find some 10% which is wearable and not 1 season only ;-)
yes, i like it a lot. actually the white stripes are painted / sprayed with whiter rubber or plactic material. I'm in between L and XL in diesel and dbg. I went with XL and fit is a bit loose but OK for summer. I would say size L will be short (I returned lot of L tees because of shortness).
I got summer stuff today   dbg tee   black and army green shorts (need to return green one, yoox has only size 32 which is too big)   keepers :-)
I don't know the wash details (holes, distressing etc.) but I own one pair with microstitching / indian head tag at the fly. So it's not usuall but based on your pictures (details on jeans) they are authentic.
yes, stretch and stretchy material. You can size down IMO (I went with my standard size).
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