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thavar-ne 604n + few different details = reboot thavar. and yes, they are authentic
Ebay is full of idiots these days. And since ebay changed xtimes policies, seller has no rights now. Good news, your case is solved ;-)5
Just seachhttp://www.denimblog.com/c/t/196629/recreating-pre-pressed-stackinghttp://www.denimblog.com/c/t/191811/safado-8e7s-home-made-semi-permanent-stacking
Thanks!   @DC I went with my standard diesel (sneaker / shoe) size and fits great. There was additional 20% off till midnight 1.8. (at least for Czech republic). I got them for 64 euros.
Some tees (yoox)     DBG tee which I will return; I ordered size L and XL, L is small and short and XL is OK but lenght is same like size L (short for me). Unfortunatelly I'm in between size L and XL in t-shirts :-/ comparision L and XL size     Diesel Lawles low shoes (love them, diesel online store, 50% + additional 20% off)  
gas jeans polo thavar 811p thor shoes
inner tag looks suspicious... I wouldn't buy it.
Safado FAKE
604n + different coin pocket :-)
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