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An EXTRA 10% off and Free Delivery on yoox with code:   final10
yes, yoox stocked lots of new items yesterday + new design . I think I saw also thavar 888p (few sizes only) and black waxed thavar 807v in L30 only.
please post ebay link directly here on denimblog. we will check authenticity and then attach it to the case.   actually some ebay buyers are totally idiots and they are trying to get some extra money.
yep, they look great. I'm still not into Balmain biker jeans, but standard cut is much more better (I can see some similarities with DH jeans).
very very nice!
it's shortened / hemmed for sure (based on your pictures).
authentic. and use this http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/58175/official-authenticity-superthread next time. tia
lulz, good luck with wife :-) I went with same size like thavars in dbg excess (i'm not sure what's type242 is, but looks like excess).
Based on previous pics and questions you can see bootcut it's not dead. We already went through some progress, from bootcut -> straight -> slim skinny cuts etc. (Kn boneat forjm era) So I would't say this, even you were against thanaz / thavar cut so long (if I remember well) and now you are saying this. Also all that hate regarding safado and krooley, everyone has his own favorite cut / style, so don't "judge" if you don't like / fit you well that cut. Possibility to...
Maybe Zathan / Zatiny could be discontinued but there are some alternative(s) like New Fanker... I wouldn't say Diesel will stop produce bootcuts.
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