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74y is thick and rigid wash. I returned pair in my standard size to yoox because it was very uncomfy. But I don't size down in stretch washes even everybody does. But I guess most of people can be ok with the standard shioner size in 74y.
:-) freerad hates safados actually.   OK, I wore Zathan / Zatiny in my oldest Diesel times. And I own Safado 73J still. They fit a bit differently at waist and thighs, but I wore same size in Zatiny/Zathan and Safado. I don't see any difference in the rise.
all depends on cut / wash combination, some runs big and some smaller. If you want tepphar 602 (fit like on diesel online store), go with size 29 for sure. if safado, you can size down to 28, but 29 is your "safe" size. it's really hard to say, especially you own very old cuts like rabox and kratt :-) both are straight legged and more on the relaxed fit. safado is straight but slim and tepphar is carrot, very slim (if sized wrong -> leggins).
Krooley 801Y / 0801Y are authentic!
An EXTRA 10% off and Free Delivery on yoox with code:   final10
yes, yoox stocked lots of new items yesterday + new design . I think I saw also thavar 888p (few sizes only) and black waxed thavar 807v in L30 only.
please post ebay link directly here on denimblog. we will check authenticity and then attach it to the case.   actually some ebay buyers are totally idiots and they are trying to get some extra money.
yep, they look great. I'm still not into Balmain biker jeans, but standard cut is much more better (I can see some similarities with DH jeans).
very very nice!
it's shortened / hemmed for sure (based on your pictures).
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