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 yes, i think i will get one pair too ;-) I'm not fan of this "pathing". @DieselBoy786 and @PhuketteThanks for pictures! It's great we got "real" pictures, not only photoshopped stock photos.
I agree. Btw. finally I managed to get Tepphars 804K and 881W for "cheap". I will post pics when I will wear them. Plus elshar jogg jacket is on the way.
I would say yoox isn't so cheap nowadays, but his main advantage is availability of old models...
you are welcome :-)
Thanks. But promo is not available for Czech republic. So it's valid only for selected countries. :-/
and when the sales will start? middle of december?
I love this model, wow. Enjoy them, they are great!
yes, but there is difference between DRR and DRF stamp based on this link.
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