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yes, thanks again. love that casual knit :-)
thx. I got 824B from yoox for 86 euros and free shipping
I was on shopping spree last / this month adidas stan smith ((I will return them, they are bulky for my liking) replay tee mbp 13 ipad mini 3   tepphar 824b (not smelly pair :-) ) diesel bag for laptop
and yoox again :-) They are trying very hard.
asos also photoshop the pictures. watch "catwalks" for comparision
Nice, hoodie looks great!
@rcom440 Watch the asos video, if it's avalaible. Asos usually edit the photos, contrast and other photoshop features ;-) but if there is "catwalk" you will see the item more like IRL.
except jeans and shoes, all diesel.
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