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Yes, authentic pair
 Some update, I returned this coat, size was OK, but was a bit long for my taste + there was no lining at all. It's not "winter" coat for sure because the material was very very thin. So I bought mid season Diesel field jacket, J-chalo.   Plus I'm waiting for CP achilles, SL, Marc Jacobs leather sneakers alternative from yoox. Nothing to loose because of free shipping ;-) Brand name is 8
authentic and worn pair (inner waist tag shows some wears, a lot imo).
Leg opening on old thanaz washes was much more narrower than thavar leg opening + stay on your standard thanaz /thavar size in 73J
Only for brave
   I know Sleenker is skinny cut, surprisingly :-). Based on your last 2 pictures, your rear must suffer + there will be big material tension which will lead to blow crotch, all IMO. 
I would size up for sure (maybe 2 sizes :-)))
pictures stolen from online store... let me guess :-)
yes, denim is thin and stretchy. btw. maybe it's not even denim, :-) I wouldn't size down for sure, in size my size (32x32) they have very narrow leg opening and part bellow the knee. It would look sized down like leggins on me.   But it's hard to say, depends on your body and prefferences. :-)
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