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Thanks, I will post some fit pics later (I just quickly tried them on and fit is much more better than Thavar-ne 604Z in same size - slimmer leg opening and not so loose waist).   Btw. just pulled the trigger on Thavar 807V on dressforless - 50% off + 10% discount for newsletter registration ;-) http://www.dress-for-less.de/tmpl/detail.tmpl?sbe=1;cat=2;et_index=1;country=GBR;lang=en;art_id=484907;main_cat=2
  long sleeve hooded top heleney thavar-ne 604n
 great and simple!
fraud site
keep size 32, it will stretch out a bit to perfection ;-)
yes, I own 8x2 almost one year (I wasn't so much into this wash before), but it's one of my favorite pair. It's converse leather chucks.
new reboot arrows tee new frank wright shoes stein old 8x2 ;-)  
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