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Some tees (yoox)     DBG tee which I will return; I ordered size L and XL, L is small and short and XL is OK but lenght is same like size L (short for me). Unfortunatelly I'm in between size L and XL in t-shirts :-/ comparision L and XL size     Diesel Lawles low shoes (love them, diesel online store, 50% + additional 20% off)  
gas jeans polo thavar 811p thor shoes
inner tag looks suspicious... I wouldn't buy it.
Safado FAKE
604n + different coin pocket :-)
^^ x2   shame DDG jeans are available only in one standardized inseam. I had to sell my raws because they were short.
Thashort 827E, very comfortable, thin fabric even it's 100% cotton. It's dark blue with few distressing and fading at front. Not loud and "overdone" as I prefer ;-)     http://www.asos.com/diesel/diesel-denim-shorts-thavar-slim-fit/prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=4412897&clr=Blue&SearchQuery=thavar
try to search for trousers with "thavar a" (thavar -a and some combinations). myaby you will find name of wash
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