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@Vicino   sorry, you had only 2 posts here (both related to the mackenzie jeans). So I wasn't sure, if is it spam or not. I didn't report you as "spam" to moderator, so no worries. ;-)
omfg   spam?
yoox - free shipping Europe yoox - 20% off USA   (maybe some countries are excluded)
it's hard to say, because both pairs are older... but both zathans (if am i right) looks OK.
a lot of "new" items on yoox in "new arrivals" section (jogg jeans, jogg jackets, etc. etc.).
you already answered with your question. because they have huge profit on jogg jeans
i hope more people (not only me) sized wrong and will return their orders. Because my size(s) in standard / retro lows are sold out everywhere (in sale).
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