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wow, thank you yoox :-) Free shipping + 10% off (resp. 15% off, see bellow)   Don't forget download their application for mobile / tablet and shop from application, you will get 15% off. I just saved some euros :-))))     Edited: here is screenshot from email notification
  Of course, it was valid till Sunday midnight, MONDAYBLUES.Btw. any new yoox code? I would like to get some % off :-)
880w in my case
mondayblues for 10% + free shipping (no code needed)
wow, eyecon jogg jeans. i didn't see it before.
i would say it's just sweatpants
check yoox's diesel new arrivals, lot's of cools items, jackets, jogg jeans, jeans... (last season or so).
 I received the finally well sized achilles retro in black / white combination today (sized down 2 from my standard size of non CP brand; sized down from standard leather achilles low). I think the B/W goes even better than Green/White.
New Posts  All Forums: