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strange, all hardware, details like folded coin pocket, rear leather badge, stitching at zip fly, etc. etc. is OK. It's authentic pair IMO (it's possible there are some variations to 608T since I don't know this wash). It's authentic but maybe faulty pair.
I would also say it's authentic pair.
ooops, I didn't screenshot email properly, sorry.   Yes, it's asos, edited also my previous post. ;-)
Thanks, I will edit my post.
Sleenker - skinny, straight leg, frame stitching at back pockets, button fly, 5 pockets. The skinniest cut in straight cuts. Tepphar - skinny, tappered / carrot leg, asymmetric back yoke, low crotch, button fly, 5 pockets. The skinniest cut in tappered / carrot cuts.
^me too. But this is my first "return / refund case". I got email NOW (5 days after my question why I go voucher instead of refund), so I was little bit nervous, because I didn't pay via PayPal...   I will inform you about the result. I just expect something reply like day or two after my question. Btw. I'm really sure I requested refund:     Dear customer,   you choose a voucher, but I have cancelled it and refund you.   Best regards, Kate
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