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based on the belt loop placement, fly details and stitching and maybe back-yoke construction I would say it's Thavar / Thanaz cut. Plus it's straight leg cut.   Leg opening measurements seems to be kinda off.
yes, shrink and create "allsaints" leather jacked look. but I wouldn't do it on light leather...
Sorry to say, but I would return all pairs. From such expensive jeans I would expect perfect fit...
Did you wash leather jacket??? OMG
again, authentic
@ All - nice fits!   @stmky @karacho - I still have 824B in my wish list on Yoox, so as I already wrote, if they will be cheaper / free shipping, I will try them :-) Thank you!!!
no, I don't like the "astronaut suit / boot" look and also I'm not used to wear "high" top shoes / boots. but I have in my ebay watch list mid black achilles for decent price, still didn't pull the trigger.
np mate, I didn't mean it against you but about the cut overall. Yes, I'm also not in Darron ;-)
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