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I got summer stuff today   dbg tee   black and army green shorts (need to return green one, yoox has only size 32 which is too big)   keepers :-)
I don't know the wash details (holes, distressing etc.) but I own one pair with microstitching / indian head tag at the fly. So it's not usuall but based on your pictures (details on jeans) they are authentic.
yes, stretch and stretchy material. You can size down IMO (I went with my standard size).
620s is one of the best not blue washes, imo. it's different on various lightning.
I wouldn't say so, it's different I think. Here are some detailed pictures, no flash, no postprocessing, indoor, natural light (btw. 824B is very comfortable, almost like joggjeans but with standard denim texture. it's 92% cotton, 6% polyester, 2% elastane mix).
lazy Sunday in 824B
yes, thanks again. love that casual knit :-)
thx. I got 824B from yoox for 86 euros and free shipping
I was on shopping spree last / this month adidas stan smith ((I will return them, they are bulky for my liking) replay tee mbp 13 ipad mini 3   tepphar 824b (not smelly pair :-) ) diesel bag for laptop
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