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Thx, and one hedi's ad picture
I wouldnt say so, hard to judge from BW picture I checked lots of pictures online and they goes well with everything IMO.Your link is for different shoes, they are laced low shoes, shape and also sole is not same.
Thx. They look even better IRL. Pictures make leather not as nice, like plastic. http://www.ysl.com/cz/shop-product/men/shoes-boots-signature-army-lace-up-boot-in-black-leather_cod44541955cg.html
SLP Signature army boots. I thinks they are keepers :-)
Its jake 17,5cm 2011 I think it's firt re-release after Hedi's one. Yes, i'm still thinking about d02 light coated pair, but i think i will pull the trigger on slp boots first (already i own so many pairs...). It's kinda expensive hobby )))
Finally I got my Jakes 17,5 cm tappered - I'm into Tepphar leg opening now Just few quick pics
Btw they are authentic. Regarding the size missing on waist tag case: 1. Seller has / had more sizes for sale and didnt want to domextra picture for each size, somhe just photoshoped the picture 2. In some washes there is not available to choose inseam, with bigger waist goes longer inseam, common in fashion pants / jeans.
Thanks guys ;-) Everything is Diesel except the sneakers -> CP Achiles. And yes, it's Thavar 8X2 (hard to take acurate picture because of bad light).
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