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yes, authentic (all details are as should be).
It's cheap, really? For 200 euros, ufff. I got DH superslender for 210 euro.
thavar joog jeans or even better tepphar :-)   Edited: 811P is somehow tight at crotch and thighs (at least for me)
Thavar 811P is made in the crotch area somehow not comfortable in comparsion with other washes, or the denim is more stiff or something. 811P is the most uncomfortable wash I have in Thavar. Even 8X2 is better for me. :-)
Not diesel but DH black superslenders. I'm really interested in this pair and fit (what I found about the newer re-release is they fit like yoga pants :-))) Actually model should size up, IMO.
Yes, model without zip is earlier release. Dunno about quality...
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