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just google number on first picture (above the size), pi31j0530213   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/193875/what-dior-are-you-wearing-today-with-pics/275#post_1756995   10FW
^^ i don't think you will get larkee in dbg :-D
  604N is classic as 8x2 imo. and fit is superb! And if your legs hearts after wearing cotton thavar, you have to go with stretch washes. No option to size up for better fit on legs / thighs because waist will be huge.I thought you already got the point some time ago with tepphar :-)
     strange, based on the leather tag on front left pocket it IS jogg denim :-) Inner tag seems to be for normal denim.
diesel juzicon   maybe this one http://store.diesel.com/gb/jackets_cod41301565ov.html
Only off-white jeans for men only. IMO.
used (but in 9/10 condition) tepphar 804k for 33 pounds :-)
:-) price depends on you and how much do you want to spend.
authentic but very washed out thanaz 8ww
on diesel web site most of jeans look terrible IMO. asos photoshoped most of pics, but video is pretty accurate on their site.
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