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lol, only EUR 978,00
Hi mate Yeap, i'm still here but not so much active. Diesel is going into direction I dont like so much or I'm old How are you, are you still into Diesel?
:-) ok, last question related to sizing. what's your tepphar and sleenker standard size?
Very nice, I'm waiting for worn pics ;-)))   Could you please post some jeans info and what's the sizing compared to Diesel? I still didn't pull the trigger on any SLP jeans, I have only Diesels and one last pair of DH (Jake reissue). I sold all other DH jeans. Somehow I'm mostly Tepphar guy now, they fit me best IMO and are sooooo comfortable.   Btw. you ordered from LVR or directly from SLP?
J-chika jacket Tepphar 881W Converse
size is OK, there are sleeves pulled a bit up on that picture.
maybe some warehouse located in US? i don't know...
under yoox is running diesel, corner, slp etc. etc. actually it's YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP S.p.A. now
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