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try to search for trousers with "thavar a" (thavar -a and some combinations). myaby you will find name of wash
they should stop iron all jeans to flat cardboard!!! uggly
great! ;-)
yes, lot's of new stuff, included washes 68z, 813w, 820s etc.
74y is thick and rigid wash. I returned pair in my standard size to yoox because it was very uncomfy. But I don't size down in stretch washes even everybody does. But I guess most of people can be ok with the standard shioner size in 74y.
:-) freerad hates safados actually.   OK, I wore Zathan / Zatiny in my oldest Diesel times. And I own Safado 73J still. They fit a bit differently at waist and thighs, but I wore same size in Zatiny/Zathan and Safado. I don't see any difference in the rise.
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