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I wouldnt say its superbia based cut / sucessor. Pictured pair doesnt have twisted seams.
yes, it's legit. Also you can try to ask for some discound via PM here ;-)
My 5 pairs for sale here: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/227661/safado-73j-thavar-811p-excess-8ml-thanaz-8aa-thanaz-71b
Hello, I'm selling following pairs (all pairs are used / handwashed, from smoke free house, folded from wardrobe only, selling as it is pictured). Send me reasonable offers. Right click for full resolution pictures.   Diesel Safado 73J, W31 x L32, MII - condition 9/10       Diesel Thavar 811P, W32 x L32, MII - condition 9/10, handwashed -> no pre-stacking, could be done with starch again (how on Denimblog)     Diesel Black Gold Excess 8ML, size 31,...
http://www.asos.com/Diesel/Diesel-Jeans-Belther-Slim-Fit-Colour-Mutation/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=4410708&cid=2592&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=1&clr=Red&totalstyles=381&gridsize=3   http://www.asos.com/Diesel/Diesel-Jeans-Belther-Slim-Fit-Colour-Mutation/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=4410947&cid=2592&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=1&clr=Grey&totalstyles=381&gridsize=3
size 31 is not available in jogg jeans (as far as I know), you need to go with 30 or 32
Hi, you will not see microstitching for one very obvious reason, jeans are uggly fakes
Love that jeans and boots (unfortunately they are super expensive :-/ )
I would recommend to try any of carrot cut for you muscle type body. For sure, you can not go with straight-skiny cuts (shioner, thavar etc.) and straight-slim (safado). But you can try carrot and/or tappered models correctly sized to balance your muscular thighs and "slim" waist, for example Darron, Krayver, Braddom, Iakop, Belther, maybe Krooley.
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