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^me too. But this is my first "return / refund case". I got email NOW (5 days after my question why I go voucher instead of refund), so I was little bit nervous, because I didn't pay via PayPal...   I will inform you about the result. I just expect something reply like day or two after my question. Btw. I'm really sure I requested refund:     Dear customer,   you choose a voucher, but I have cancelled it and refund you.   Best regards, Kate
Hello, does anyone know what's the correct number or correct format of phone number for www.sojeans.co.uk.     I ordered jacket / coat, which was delivered on 6.11.2014. I requested refund because it didn't fit me well, send the parcel back on 11.11.2014 (because of the weekend), delivered in sojeans.co.uk on 18.11.2014 (based on tracking info). https://www.postaonline.cz/trackandtrace/-/zasilka/cislo?parcelNumbers=cv021410902cz     Then I got email I have some...
 I have pair. :-)
  sorry, if it's not authentic item, you should get refunded also shipping (returning also).
postage price related to returns pays buyer
omg, terrible wash + super terrible price tag.  DH or SL is the way :-))))
^i dont think so. There is a difference between skinny tappered/carot and skinny straight. Btw. Nowadays are diesel store pics super innacurate and shity - over ironed, photoshoped to totaly artificial color etc.
pocket shape looks like Larkee cut
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