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^^ I would keep 807V for sure because it's wash you can wear for "dress up" events and it's really easy to combine with other clothing. Unfortunatelly I had to sell my pair because I didn't size down. But I replaced it with Tepphar 663Q, which is totally same wash IMO. 663Q is my smallest size in Tepphar (W30 x L32), usually I wear W31x32 or W32x32.
Hello, welcome!   Nothing wrong with made in Tunisia, Romania etc. Diesel jeans. Made in Italy you can find on more expensive washes mostly. Regarding your authenticity question. We can not tell you anything without pictures. Post it here   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/58175/official-authenticity-superthread
I wouldn't compare TR and SFAM with Diesel :-)
I would say they have to focus to the "mid" price level and maybe even reduce number cuts / washes. If they will increase the prices even more, prices will be at the same level (sometimes they already are) as SLP, DH, Balmain etc. And most of customers (denim junkies :-))) will prefer "luxury" brands.
wow, thank you yoox :-) Free shipping + 10% off (resp. 15% off, see bellow)   Don't forget download their application for mobile / tablet and shop from application, you will get 15% off. I just saved some euros :-))))     Edited: here is screenshot from email notification
  Of course, it was valid till Sunday midnight, MONDAYBLUES.Btw. any new yoox code? I would like to get some % off :-)
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