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Sale is not applicable on 830k
I tried again from cell phone and it is still working. Sorry mate :-/
Really strange, because Czech republic is at the end of sale wave usually (few weeks after UK, Germany etc.).
Just update, there is not listed sale on online store for Czech republic (Europe) yet, but try to login and put some SS15 items to cart. You will get 30% off (no code needed, price is recalculated in basket). At least it worked for me (already ordered some stuff) :-D also with free shipping.
It's OK. 8YM runs a bit smaller, but size 33 or even 32 in krooley will be fine.
I like them still (posted one pic in What are you wearing... thread now), but Phukette is right, it's not denim. And I'm not so lucky, my pair isn't MII.
602s 804K
yes, I remember, but detail on back pocket is something totally different than different back part of jeans :-)
really? I really don't like different front and back part of jeans. It looks weird IMO.
brave and rich :-D
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