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safe size 32, but also size 31 could be OK, depends on wash / season
Measurements added into listing + bumped
unfortunately there is no way except tailor... :-/ if belt will not help.
it's over-stacked IMO
cut itself seems to be weird, something is fishy with this pair. don't buy it.
I would say its real, would be even better to check pictures where the jeans are visible whole, front + back. But on pics above are all details, stitvhing etc OK.
authentic. what's wrong with the inner tag?
Thank you! I believe they are from FW15, but I pictured tag, so you can google it.   And here are measurements size 31 waist dipped 41,5 waist aligned 42,5 inseam 85 outseam 101,5 leg opening / hem 16   I hope this helps.
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