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I like his denim outfit and killer sunglasses tbh.
yeah I know about the chainstitching and how it contorts the hem on raw jeans but would it work on washed jeans? My problem is some of the hems of my jeans are destroyed in the back and I wanted to make a new clean hem but a regular hem looks like shit. So I was wondering what I could do about it.
If you do a regular cheap hem removing excess material and make a new hem, is there anyway to get a roping effect again or cool ways to make the new hem look natural?
yup, you've all been Rick Rolled ? What does it mean to be Rickrolled?
is it rick astley???
I'm sure when there will be a sale, you'll be all over it.
that's not why. When I refresh the page after posting it will post it again if I don't leave the thread and come back, that's the way my browser cache is set up.
YouTube - Jean Michel Jarre - Equinoxe - Place De La Concorde
I don't know why but my firefox acts up from time to time and double/triple posts threads even 5 minutes later.
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