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Are these real? *crossing fingers* TIA
These look good to me but I want to make sure they're legit Auth True Religion jeans pants denim 32 X 33 Joey Big T - eBay (item 260206817567 end time Feb-01-08 11:05:41 PST)
Has anyone brought from couturemogul? I'm surprised that this seller name didnt come up in the search. He/She is selling a good bit of designer jeans. Thanks in advance
Searching jeans for my bf for valentines day....does anyone know if this person sell authentic RR? seller - puffykia Thanks in advance
Yep there were...but strangely enough they disappeared from my watch list, maybe ebay took them off?? not sure.....strange.......
A hopeful present for my bf for valentines day *crossing fingers, it's real*
bump I really want to buy from this site, but dont know if legit, anyone???
I'm currently selling a pair of diesels size 27 http://honestforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=31053 First Buyer on this part of the forum $55 Please pm if interested
Both jeans are cute, I love the Flynts better on you but I agree it's just a tad loose.
Authentic. That seller is very well known to sell authentic items
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