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you're all jealous anyways. i just ordered 2 pairs of dior jeans. i'll post pics when they get here.
well dude stop making me look dumb. my parents have a lot of money, they sure don't mind if i spend it. i want some dior jeans because no one has them in my high school. i just wanna look sexy haha
Quote: Originally Posted by jh2240 anyone know what these are? DIESEL Men - Denim - Jeans DIESEL on YOOX they're diesel jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder i'm not surprised, but this disproves your earlier post in which you claimed to "know about fashion" so you both have poor taste in clothing, sounds like you two are meant for each other doubtful, since both of these statements cannot be true together i didn't know there was a difference between the two dude you're probably a faggot. most of you probably are gay!
i've been on this site before, but i never signed up until today. i just made the account to find out what size i would have to wear in the vikers. then you guys started flaming me because you thought the jeans were "tacky". i never diss your jeans or your style. yeah i like "popping" my collar. my g/f loves it and she lovvvvvvves my style. i'm a prep and i look great. i'd rather be a prep than a poor looking high school kid.
Quote: Originally Posted by oli... Where do you get $390 to spend on jeans at 17... well my parents they don't mind giving me at least $4,000 - $5,000 a month to go shopping on.
you guys are jerks, you don't even help the members here. i'm pretty sure you don't know much about fashion from what i can tell. so what i'm 17 and i probably know more about fashion than most of you all here. i asked for help with sizing and this turns into a flame war.
well ok i won't post any pics then. but i don't see any reason not to buy them. the fit and wash look great.
probably Viker 8RD or Zathan 8IK
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