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i don't like them.
your mom doesn't run away!
haha i wouldn't wanna rip my 21 cm diors. i skateboard in my g/f's ezra fitch jeans all the time.
they're cool, i'd probably get them to skateboard in.
Quote: Originally Posted by bennyy you know abercrombie. i don't think anyone really appreciates most of your comments in your posts. your tolerance and respect for others here is amusing but has gotten to the point where its just childish. i mean. didn't you say you're in high school and yet you still act like a kid? cmon man, please. i apologize for my actions. i was off my medication. sorry.
good fit, what size?
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder you don't like tight jeans but you bought diors? wtf? and in my eperience, its always the queerest of the queer who are worried about looking queer. damnit, you caught me. lol
my g/f would like them!
Quote: Originally Posted by *Tee* They would run away from you... no they wouldn't. i just don't see the point in looking like a queer.
i'd wear them if they weren't tight.
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