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Quote: Originally Posted by *Tee* 03-sean_garrett_feat._ludacris-grippin_(dirty) stop downloading scene release mp3's....... illegal.
hey there baby!!
my g/f actually has the 2nd ones or something very similar to it.
come on tee, they're great!!!! they look amazing with flip flops!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait for the summer.
aren't these Zatiny instead of Zaf's Diesel - Zaf, 8BC - eLUXURY
they'll work just loose some weight.
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder it means the price is in euros, not usd. to find out how much it costs in $ you need to convert the price. thanks cutie!!!!
hey guys, i was looking around on this site with some pretty cool diors and i saw this, " € " what the hell does it mean? it wouldn't tell me how much the jeans are. luisaviaroma.com ::: shopping on line
haha i don't wear hollister. k-swiss is fucking gay. i wear really good clothes thank you very much. hollister is just the cheap abercrombie (for poor people)
Abercrombie & Fitch > Men > Jeans > Remsen Low Rise Straight Destroyed Abercrombie Remsen Low Rise Straight Destroyed they look pretty awesome!
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