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Is Seafarers a new brand or a style of the McGuires? I haven't tried them yet!
These classic J Brand Maria high-rise skinnies will become your go-to pair--I should know, because I own these in 2 other washes and they are all I ever wear anymore! Brand and Cut: J Brand Maria High-Rise Skinny Jean in Night Tide Size: 29 x 31 (full measurements below; scroll down) Fit: they measure true to size in the waist, 3 sizes small in the hips, but with the stretch factor they should be fine on a true 29 or 30. Wash/Color: Night Tide (a deep charcoal...
bahahaha. I may or may not have had a few knit pairs. They do hide thunder thighs pretty well I must say...but for me they will never not be associated with sophomore year of college (and being too fat for half my freshman year clothing...a little too much partying...)
I can haz some of those Maria flares?! I have 2 pairs of the Maria skinnies and they are all I wear (not just because I've outgrown a lot of my 7FAM...but the Marias are the only high rises that are ACTUALLY a high rise on me). Also, lol @ all the badly photoshopped thigh gaps!
With the whole flare trend coming back (YAY!) I've been eyeing some McGuire Majorelle flares--as well as the Newton skinnies for boot-stuffing. (We all know how I feel about the boyfriend jeans trend, so I am not looking at the Mrs. Robinsons, lol) Anyone tried these/know how they tend to run/etc?
These Adriano Goldschmied AGed Piper cropped boyfriend jeans are just slouchy enough to be super-comfy without hanging off you! Brand and Cut: AG Adriano Goldschmied AGed The Piper Slim Slouchy Cropped Boyfriend Jean in 10 Years Blue Size: 24 x 25 (uncuffed) Fit: Will fit a 25 with a slouchy fit in the hips or a 24 with a very baggy fit. Depends on how you'd like to wear them. On a 26 they would be a bit more form-fitting. Wash/Color: 10 Years Blue Condition: New With...
These Adriano Goldschmied AGed Belle flares are a great way to jump into the emerging flare trend! Brand and Cut: AG Adriano Goldschmied AGed The Belle Flare Jean in 7 Years Size: 29 x 34.75 (full measurements below; scroll down) Fit: true to size Wash/Color: 7 Years (07Y) Condition: Excellent Pre-Owned. No visible flaws. Material: stretch, 94% cotton 4% polyester 2% Spandex Style # OGN1344-07Y Sizing and Measurements: (all in inches and measured straight across) waist:...
These Adriano Goldschmied Stevie skinny-straights are ideal when you need something a little more lightweight than jeans! Brand and Cut: AG Adriano Goldschmied The Stevie Skinny-Straight Jean in Sable Size: 29 x 33 (full measurements below; scroll down) Fit: True to size in the waist, 1/2 size big in the hips. The fabric is also fairly stretchy so these may work on a 30. Wash/Color: Sable (SAB) Condition: Excellent Pre-Owned. No visible flaws. Material: stretch, 98%...
I've been quite surprised at how well COH has bounced back. I'm really liking some of the high-rise styles although I wish the boyfriend trend would just die already. lol
Those printed pairs would look...special on me, but I like all the high rise and those full-length rinse trousers. The gauchos are a bit too 2005 for me. If I wanted to relive that I'd get some Camillas or Parkers on ebay for pennies :p
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