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These classic and uniquely detailed Citizens of Humanity Jackie straight-legs are perfect for any occasion! Brand and Cut: Citizens of Humanity Onassis Jackie Low-Rise Straight-Leg with Horsebit Pocket in Skorpios Size: 30 x 33 (full measurements below; scroll down) Fit: Measures true to size or a little narrow in the hips, but the denim will give with wear and even run a little big. Best for a true/curvy 30. Wash/Color: Skorpios Condition: Excellent Pre-Owned. No visible...
These super-comfy, but sleek and sexy COH Avedon skinnies will transition you effortlessly from daytime to nighttime! Brand and Cut: Citizens of Humanity Avedon Jegging Jean in Dust Size: 26 x 30.5 (full measurements below; scroll down) Fit: Measures very small, but ignore the measurements, because these are very stretchy! A 24/25 could probably also wear them but these should accommodate a 26. Wash/Color: Dust - a rich dark blue with a little whiskering Condition: New...
Not sure of the color but a lot of people have been wearing McGuire Denim's Majorelle flares. I can't see the hems, which would tell me if its that pair (they have a pretty distinctive raw hem)
just bumping to get my long since sold roxy jacket off the top. .not sure why its still showing up
Yeah, overalls, no...   Particularly for more unusual styles that I think might be harder to sell, I've taken to including a picture of a celebrity wearing the item if I happen upon one. It has seemed to help sales slightly (particularly if the wearer is not your typical 5'10 and a tts 25 like so many of the models are)
These classic J Brand Maria high-rise skinnies will become your go-to pair--I should know, because I own these in another wash and they are all I ever wear anymore! Brand and Cut: J Brand Maria High-Rise Skinny Jean in Starless Size: 27 x 31.25 (full measurements below; scroll down) Fit: they measure true to size in the waist, 3 sizes small in the hips, but with the stretch factor they should be fine on a boyish or true 27. Wash/Color: Starless Condition: Excellent...
I don't usually bother trying to track down specific pairs I see on celebrities because 99.9% of them don't share my body type (the true pear--and Katie Holmes is so much taller and thinner than I am that she won't necessarily look the same as I would in a particular cut). It's more of a pleasant surprise if I see someone wearing the same pair I currently own.
As I mentioned in the other post, this forum is not as active as it was years ago, though it's easily the most active of the denim forums I know of. Forums in general are just not really a thing anymore. I will PM you the name of someone who might be able to help though.
This site just doesn't get as much traffic (no forum does, really) as it used to. Unfortunately, you really need to ask questions BEFORE buying (as a seller, I cannot stand buyers who wait until after purchase to ask questions). To authenticate for sure I would need to see the back of the size tag where the security strip is, like you provided for the other pair.
These super-comfy COH Dylan boyfriend jeans will soon become your favorites! Brand and Cut: Citizens of Humanity Dylan Cropped Boyfriend Jean in Indio Size: 28 x 27 (full measurements below; scroll down) Fit: Big (as you'd expect) - will be loose on a true 29 and snug on a true 30. For a true 28, BYO belt! Wash/Color: Indio Condition: Excellent Pre-Owned. No visible flaws. All the fabric "picks" and fades are part of the wash. Material: stretch, 98% cotton 2% elastan Style...
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