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^ the only thing saving you from my neg is mr. brightside.. i'll give you that
sleeves are a little extreme...
Quote: Originally Posted by **christine** Very clever Not anymore its not. Yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zodiac ^ - 1 fro being a racist, and putting Eminem in worst list. You had pick on single white Rapper. Could've said Vanilla Ice instead ! Vanilla Ice is already dead imo, the deed is done, lol. And yes, lil wayne does deserve to be in the top 10 worst artists more than twice, I agree.
Get her a shamwow, she'll be sayin wow every time.
^ Don't even make me start with "Ball in a Cup," haha
^ Or a ball.
Quote: Originally Posted by **christine** ...there will be no one on here soon I'm sorry darlin', but you're a little late
Never owned either, but I like sams much better Never found FHs attractive...
I like how he said his brother wants the shirt so he doesn't embarrass himself. Run along now.
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