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i wish dave would just start posting again and finish this place off, as things look pretty irreparable around here
Hmm... everyone says damsel. I'd have to see them in person which I couldn't till I ordered. I hear it's much darker than in those blackbird pics though. EDIT: 2K. It's a wrap.
its Merry Christmas bitches.
I got 500 bucks
most ridiculous sale this year, just for the number of pairs... that's fucking nuts. holy zathans btw. I don't imagine all of those selling here, but could most likely get a bit more for them on the bay. though fees n such blow, and it would take a long time.
you would say that. don't keep those rico, they look awful mid-thigh down imo, though you could push it down, it would go back to looking like that after walking around n such i'm sure. at least swap for smaller size, but definitely don't keep that pair...
Blackbird - Band Of Outsiders - Overdyed Oxford Shirt In Damsel Purple or Blackbird - Band Of Outsiders - Overdyed Oxford Shirt in Ocean Blue
get a regular stuffed animal and cut a hole in the back... done
the second one has like turkeys legs and its odd. only one thats dece is the first one imo. but absolutely none of them are worth $650, not even all of them together.
^ i'll give ya blackalicious and hieroglyphics. i love del.
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