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Quote: Originally Posted by flipcydesae I love how DAVE used half of the pics of people he ostracized to other forums... Thats... really... random. I thought this is what the flickr was for...
Quote: Originally Posted by mike on autopilot IMANEMERGENCY that coal hat looks comfy as fuck
tuff luv
good. maybe they'll find something interesting elsewhere....
Quote: Originally Posted by 130_R I don't think and post at the same time... This. Things are so much more clear now.
Word. If you haven't hear of the peeps from my hip hop list on the first page I'd say give 'em a listen. Don't mind all the negs on that post, it's just because I listed lil wayne as the top 3 worst artists imo... yes, all 3, lol.
I'm not saying your posts had nothing to do with eachother... I'm saying they had nothing to do with what I said, hence, "over your head" and whatnot.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bebop Black Milk Cunninlynguists Murs Blue Scholars If you love hip hop, please check all of those out. Fixed. =) Though I think everyone could appreciate some Blue Scholars here n there, definitely.
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