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HF hasn't seen that much traffic in some time ya know.
omg houdini escaped again
lulz @ loo paper
27 more lurkers, gj
i cant talk negative about lil wayne ANYWHERE without julz gettin on my ass even on sufu n ish
Quote: Originally Posted by ross I hate to sound like a jerk, but a couple of years ago when everyone was wearing Zathan/Mark Nason/leather cuffs etc, these shoes probably would not have been well-received. I have always liked them and have owned a few pairs, but I truly wonder how much of the positive response is just bandwagoneering. I don't like them; I'd never wear them. Just not me. Though I like how ryan wears them and I like his...
tee: anthony: i kopped 'em from revolve a few months ago in white. good thing it was revolve eh? yours look good in your fit etc dough
i had those grams in white. dope, but they were too pointy for me... had to ship 'em back soon thereafter. diggin the fit anthony
Quote: Originally Posted by Mihalis here's mine: Mike Vitoroulis I hate you: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1439/...cb97fc3cc3.jpg
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