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Now you'll feel like a pedo every time you poke.
omg she does look like that girl
place is dope. love the blue wall that's curved on one side.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saddock ^ What do you mean by ill fitting? And I think the sleeves of the coat are just the right lenght...if they were shorter, i would just lift my arm and the sleeve would be at my elbow... are they bunched at the cuff, or are those just big fkn cuffs?
leave anthony and his monochrome fits alone
^ I still envy you for your place a ton edit: jeans are ill-fitting and the sleeves of your coat are a bit long. imo. your place makes up for other ish dough.
white. surprised? no.
only levis is allowed to post crotch-only pics. its just what he does.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dave /\ yea we setup a backup system but the techs routed it to the incorrect server (I should have been clearer) and it ended up using too many gigs. ...do they speak english?
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