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I sell shit here.... It just takes 50 times longer to sell than if it was listed on sufu etc. This is the only place I sell Diesel though...
Quote: Originally Posted by Baker988
I shall return to HF once apryl posts a waywt.
minika wins casual friday.
You can usually count on ross for straight forward, epic posts. +1 most def. Edit: Zourts post as well. Bravo.
No one here even wears shit this tight. This is like someone going to hondatech and telling the people there that cars are stupid. You look ridiculous, just leave.
Well, I have a valid question dylan: WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE?
OMG Apryl showed up. Post pics NAO! <3
jaymes avatar makes me feel bad for ryan.
This is the "Lust List" I'm not spending over $400 on a long sleeve shirt, lol. So I'll just keep staring at it...
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