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Me Time (Anticon Remix) by Busdriver You can listen/snatch it here fo free: Busdriver Announces Headlining US Tour Yes, those are Budriver tour dates on that page as well. Memorize them. Get excited.
thats too much money for dave to fix.... apparently. the mall still says 'new' for chirst sakes... i feel like hf is a time capsule ever since it died, because everything is still the same every single time i come here. i think planet2006's post was.. well, perfect. i feel like hf is daves horse with a bad leg... just put it out of its misery and move on.
Good to see some old school hip-hop here As for me, I've been listening to "Me-Time (With The Pulmonary Palimpsets)" by Busdriver. Most of you know of my love for Busdrivers music, lol. Once again, he's doing great things... I'm excited. New CD is gonna be dope.
Quote: Originally Posted by JOoa0ky Are these 8cms real...? I can't really see the microstitching and there is no MADE IN ___ under the size. sigh;; why would i sell you fake jeans... here. i'd have to be the most stupid fake diesel seller ever. i take that as an insult. rofl
Quote: Originally Posted by CognacGirl edit - mgoeclipse - haven't heard from them in so long. Thanks for bringing it. that cd is kinda recent actually. that's the best song on it imo though...
listen "my flow is so spectacula, marshall mathas be wishin i go back to africa" rofl
I have like 15 deeper v's than that one. I get tired of them. I like it.
Quote: Originally Posted by ross LOL. I just meant that since her outfit had virtually no color aside from the shoes, that the shoes did not overpower the outfit and are in fact a nice touch to make the fit more lively. Agreed. I'd call pink the "accent color" of the fit.
asos aa geller cp
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