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I saw some R&R jeans on this site but I can't tell if they are real. Designer clothings at discount price ! Anyone have any feedback? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kimberlini I bought a pair of 575 (May 75) wide leg jeans from the Regent's Secret sale and rec'd them yesterday - tagged Made in China (!). Had to do some research and found RS's SEC filing at: SEC Info - Regent's Secret Inc - S-1/A - On 2/20/08 Interesting excerpts: "We expect to purchase product from some indirect supply sources, which may increase our risk of litigation involving the sale of non-authentic or damaged...
Quote: Originally Posted by plastic_alligator Do you have pictures of the back pockets? Sorry it took so long! Thanks for your help.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nova WEIRD! I dont think I know what place you're talking about but at least you did get your money back but MAN that's got to be annoying sorry that had to all happen I hope you can find the dress somewhere else! *hugs* Hi. Regent's Secret (www.regentssecret.com) sells designer apparel and accessories. They have one designer per week. I first heard about on HF when RS was selling Ed Hardy clothes. The dress...
Thanks for the feedback!
Crap. Thanks.
Just some feedback after ordering a ABS dress from them. A week and a half after they completed my order, they never informed me of when my dress would ship out. I read their shipping policy and it states that they will ship out 24-48 hours after order is completed. I sent them an email and no response. I sent a message through their website and no response. I called them and I was put on hold forever and then directed to their voicemail. I finally emailed them again and...
I was trying to sell these on HM but I was told that these were fake. Can someone please confirm. I bought these from a clothing store last year in SOHO. If they are indeed fake, I'm going to go to the store to complain and try to get my money back. Thanks for your help.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nova Welcome to Honest Forum!!! and i agree those are most def real! R&R also makes exclusive pairs for Neiman's too i believe and even Eluxury! Thank you!! It's good to know. Glad to know they are real.
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