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I'm not sure if you'll like the Neil cut, its a bit more relaxed on the thighs compared to Henlees. If you prefer a slim thigh and a minimal bootcut I would suggest buying a pair of Floyds and having the bootcut taken in to your desired opening by a good tailor.
Quote: Originally Posted by billbonesknows ^how can you be so sure? Perhaps he's rocking the special edition made in Thailand Zanthans...mad rare... Oh right the special edition, how foolish of me to forget about that.
Zathan, not Zanthan.
Too expensive and nothing too special IMO. Unless its jeans I wouldn't pay too much for anything else thats R&R.
Congrats on first pair.
Both are authentic sellers.
They're real.
*HOT! 100% *DIESEL "ZATHAN" Art 772 BOOTCUT Jeans 29x30 - eBay (item 360098397108 end time Oct-17-08 18:54:39 PDT) Can't wait to get those in the mail.
The R's are just wrong in every way.
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