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@dzondlo - I wish I could but this is the only size I could find. My only choice is either sell these and wait until I find one in my size or keep these. I'm not sure what to do but slightly leaning towards keeping for a while. @Saddock - I'm not tall at all. Only 5'4" @Evil Sushi - ThanksI'd really love to find the same one in my size. @sh0ebox - You're totally right about being a hassle finding my size. Smallest size are always so hard to find. Since I'm not sure...
^Thanks! I use Canon EOS Kiss X3 and the last pic I used a remote;p You might be able to see I have something in my hand hehe
Hi, I'm back with the balmain jeans I was talking about last time. These are not the most slim looking jeans but I like them RO jacket and RO Lilies skirt Just an ordinary day..in leggings I need some opinion on this one. I've been wanting this jacket for a while and I was able to find one in a size bigger than my usual size. Do you think these look a bit too loose?
Quote: Originally Posted by Evil Sushi wrong there are NO female members posting here :P and that's a sin, honestly... fashion is for both sex I thought so too but I thought I may have missed them:P There use to be quite a lot of female members posting here a while back. I wonder where they all went? I miss female members waywt posts Quote: Originally Posted by tricky now we know what we were missing. come back any time with...
It's been a while since I've posted here I don't see much female members posting here any more. Did I miss something?
Quote: Originally Posted by anthony Haii Naomi ! oh haii Quote: Originally Posted by flipcydesae Naomi Amazing As Usual! Still waiting on pics of that Gucci Jacket! You've remembered! Those turned out to be big on me and fits nothing like how it fitted the mannequin. I like them though. I'll take some pics after I've collected them from the dry cleaners
I haven't posted here for awhile.. I've been getting rid of some of my collection but got some new ones too Here's one of my new pair (and also my new favourite pair!) Matic 63F! Gucci Matic 63F Christian Dior
^ I'll post pics when I get them. I hope they fit...Fingers crossed!!
Thanks everyone!
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