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Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder yeah, a slim suit should be slim because it is cut that way. not because you bought it 2 sizes too small. i can't imagine how incredibly awful this must look. This coming from someone who wears a scarf over a t-shirt? Wow.
...I bought a linen DB jacket two sizes smaller than my size I'm just playing around with this skinny fit. I think skinny fit will work if the sleeve length shows only cuff and the pant length has no/minimal break. No floods! I'm so tired of only seeing black skinny ties. What's up with that? I would like to see a traditional interpretation of skinny fit: skinny khaki pants with no cuff that break 1/2 inch below the ankle white fitted shirt skinny repp tie skinny navy...
Nothing special They look like Keds. You can find something at Wal-Mart for a lot less than Converse. I used to wear red All-Stars in college
I hear Prada is over-priced in terms of quality. Before "slim fit" became a household phrase, it was simply called fitted. Take any ready-made shirt that is your size to a tailor and have it tapered to your body. Use shirt stays to ensure your shirt stays tucked in.
Does A Bathing Ape make boxer shorts? A Bathing Ape Boxer BAPE & BABY MILO BBC Underwear M - eBay (item 320249170819 end time May-13-08 18:07:58 PDT)
The sizing is American and I believe it is true-to-fit.
I'm going to say yes. One thing that bugs me, however, is that Prada makes its athletic-inspired sneakers in Vietnam, not Italy, now. These might be an exception or an old pair
I know the last thing the counterfeit people want to do is put a "Made in China" sticker on something that's not supposed to have it So, the sticker, believe it or not, I took as a good sign. The two pairs of flip flops did come with their own tags of authenticity. The little cardboard coverings the actual "cards" of authenticity come in looked like they were closed by hand; you know the creasing and such, as if someone closed the little coverings by hand. However, I...
New Posts  All Forums: