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don't worry, pam is "Daving" AF right now. so I guess things are cyclical, eventually HF will be the place for nostalgia.
Levis 501XX raw. Fifty bucks and will remain tasteful for more than five years if you remove the pocket stitching.
I can't figure out if it is tragedy, predictable, or tragically predictable? Oh, and three years ago this would have been a four page thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by CUTUP Exactly what I was thinking I never gave a thought to condensing based on gender? Its an interesting idea. And do you think we would have enough interest in a non denim section? I was thinking to condense and make smaller groupings as opposed to adding more. Kind of a separation based on the rough cost or how known the label is. I am open to anything you guys/gals would prefer though Based on the...
A good start would be to rename the high end brands section and consolidate the denim forums. Has there been any thought about condensing denim forums based on gender? This way the forums are not brand sensitive and can better follow the current tastes in denim. Also, what about a specific forum for non denim pants?
This has already been proven to fail due to philosophical differences in management style. So why would it work now?
teaching them how to build a water box?
Quote: Originally Posted by ross It was fine until I read this post...just F off already you consider a summer of endless mockery fun then?
is it citizendick by chance then?
Can someone help me find them? I miss their paranoia and tales of tea with chipmunks.
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