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http://i.ebayimg.com/08/!Bg4mHhw!Wk~$(KGrHqEOKkMEr)l(6YPHBLG99JJ,Pw~~_12.J PG http://i.ebayimg.com/11/%21Bg4l-1wB2...7E%7 E_12.JPGThanks in advance!!
That's a really nice job there! Send it to R&R. Can possibly become their new ad campaign!
I don't think TJ Maxx has any intention of selling people fake jeans as that is illegal. When I first heard of people purchasing fakes from stores such as NR, the only conclusion I can come up with is that people are buying fakes from the internet, then buy the real ones from stores, re-tag, and returning the fakes. I don't think NR or TJMaxx has RR experts that can tell fake from authentic.
I would visit blaec.com as their products tell you the fit for each style that they have to offer, plus they offer a 25% off on all their products. Most of the time I find myself sizing down for most RR's, but then again it depends on the cut and style. Good luck on your search.
Nordstrom had some new markdowns on their website today. I bought my bf two new pairs of RR Floyds. They have a pair of Taylor and Henlee on there as well, but none of which were in his size. Several pairs of Sevens ... if anyone is interested. Nothing for the women ... =( Just a pair of ugly Sevens ... well at least I thought they were kind of ugly.
I would never buy from anyone who doesn't post actual pics of the jeans that I want to purchase. Anyhow, Nova ... I can't believe you use the word "dorkus" as well!!! Always thought it was only between my sis and I.
Those jeans look amazing on you!
The light color washes has never done it for me.
Wow .. I can't believe I clicked on that link. That was unsightly!
Love Bubble Clothing Is this site selling reals or fakes? Can anyone tell?
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