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Update:  I found my answer.  Close thread please.
The picture I'm including in this link was their previous front page banner.  I never found the jacket through their website so I'm assuming it must have been sold out or offered in a different line.  As a last resort I tried contacting them through the website but no luck with a response as of yet.     The jacket is a red-black color with a certain texture.  If anyone knows anything about this jacket, please feel free to share.  It would be much...
City & Colour - "Like Knives"
um.. sorry jskidder, I posted my own listing because the very 1st post in this thread read: "Just thought it might be a good idea if those who goes on ebay a lot and find some good deal that may want to share with others. Or even if any of us is selling on ebay and want to promote their listings. I'll start and hopefully more people will do the same?"
[mod edit - do not post your own auctions]
ah, I see.. thanks for the heads up.
2xist? as in XXL or XXS? Anyway, besides AA, some of my personal favorite slim-fitting plain crew shirts are Banana Republic Fitted Crews(surprisingly very fitted, to me at least, I swear by them)
Thanks for the help guys, I ended up just getting both the small and medium sizes (last small too!), and I'll just return one...I forgot about the free return thing.
First off, hello all! This place is a fountain of information!! I've tried to use the search function to find this answer, but I just ended up wasting hours of my life =(, so here I am asking you pros. I'm really digging this sweater/jacket: DIESEL Sekkol Sweater in Ivory at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping! I just cant, for the life of me, decide what size to get it in!!!!!! I'm 5'8", 145lbs, 31 waist. I generally like a fitted look, but not TOO tight...
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