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First day wearing Zatiny 88Z ( These stretched out about 1 size, I swear)
lol oh man he's everywhere!
All I know is things will never be the same for Levis on all levels. I can't help but laughing everytime I look at this. It's as funny as it was the first time around.
Thanks for the input guys I wasn't sure but I'm just going to let them chill out a little more. Maybe I can just taper the leg just a little for a more updated look. That's really my only complaint right now with these. I love the wash but the boot cut is way to flared out, even for me.
lol..... I had to wake up to this. I kept rubbing my eyes, where the fuck did this come from. I can't stop laughing .....lol
I have 2 of these just collecting dust and I haven't worn either one of them in like 2 years. Hmmmmm, sad to say but should I just get rid of them? I know it was an epic jean and some might still think it is but I just can't wear these anymore. I feel like it's 2003 all over again but I don't have bright Puma's to go with them anymore
I heard it was the specific factory and lotto was the batch that came out at the same time. Word I don't think anyone here really knows for sure but who the hell really cares, jeans are jeans. If they look good then who cares.
Quote: Originally Posted by frankfaster84 How come the Italien flag and the coin pocket sign are still white but the inside label is dyed? I've dyed items before years ago and noticed that. Any embriodery will not get dyed and also the stitching on the seams. Must be the tread/yarn they use but I'm not really sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by Darnoc Black Slammers w orange stitching and blue flames? Do you mean Yarik B maybe? Damn you know your jeans. You're right they're not Slammers , they're Farco's. Totally different fit from both of those. I have those black stretch Slammers with the maroon pockets. A bit on the Peter Pan side but not as bad as Thanaz.
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