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Is it me or does Thanaz 8AA look darker than the Trouleg and Zathan version? Must be the tan stitching.
This wash does have sheen when it hasn't been washed and it's been worn a lot. I will warn you that if you even soak these for 5 minutes they're done. They will never ever look the same. I know because I screwed up a pair of mine and ended up dying them dark brown/w a touch of black. They actually dye well IMO but don't ever wash these.
Even after all these years 8AA still kicks ass hard.
Quote: Originally Posted by silizium Slammer 73j 29x32 like new condition Slammer 71J 29X32 hemmed to L30 slightly worn Slammer 73H 29x32 Zathan 72Y 29x32 BNWT Zathan 71j 29x30 Safado 8AA 28x32 hemmed to L30 slightly worn Zatiny 8GR 29x32 BNWT what do you think? $159 $139 $129 $99 $139 $139 $149 Done
I recall 3 years ago x rotuck would sometimes go for something like $300 and the jean could look like it would fall apart in another wash. Now I'd be surprised if it would even go for $130.
Quote: Originally Posted by Evil Sushi not the best for sure but I loved rabox 772 and fanker 796 and 793 so much back in the day ... I still pimp my Rabox 770 like WHoaa!
Oh and I hate little stores that have one salesperson, very weird feeling.
Oh what's the big deal, you guys each probably have 2 or 3 of these and maybe one of them is descent enough to wear out in public.
Quote: Originally Posted by FloFromFrance Hi there, I plan to buy 4 pairs of Jeans I have found on internet, but before I wanna know market price for these models by pro like you ! lol We have : Viker 73Y in 27x32 ! New without tag. Zathan 89Z in 27x32 ! Like new, never wash, only worn few times. Zathan 8AA in 27x32 ! Same, like new and never wash. Safado 71J in 27x32 ! Used, but in very good condition ! Thanks for...
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyingElmo Hello guys, Looking for guidance on how much I could get for the following pairs of jeans. Been worn and washed a couple of times. X-Rotuck 796 Lab 314 26x30 X-Rotuck 772 Lab 314 26x30 Zathan 772 Lab 262 27x30 (2005) Zathan 764 Lab 32B 26x30 Zathan 70c Lab 330 26x30 (creases still present!) $179 $189 $149 $169 $149
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