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Moorix lol that's if you're lucky
Not bad not bad
These Larkee 88z run big and the rise is so high . They're not that flattering IMO, But I would size down twice on these.
Quote: Originally Posted by amentia How much can I ask for: 1) Paddom 71L 30*32, worn only a few times. 2) Safado 8AR 31*32, hemmed and inch (was 34 now 33). Worn only a few times also. 3) Thanaz 72H 31*32, worn less than 10 times. 1) $99 2) $129 3) $169 You're welcome
Sand you love your fucking diesels don't you? You're the king of HF!!!
You're still wearing those light jeans, somethings will never change.
I have no clue why, I just started wearing them in 2001 and it's been that way ever since.
Drummer that tee's corny and looks young on you. Your shoe's look whack too. From the back you look like a spanish hoodrat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Darnoc wow, apparently people still buy it..... Earnest Sewn Dark Selvedge Jeans 33X34 - eBay (item 290394842292 end time Feb-02-10 12:32:40 PST) Yeah well you know anything selvedge goes for a lot of money and they're well worth it.
Just in today drumroll................failure brakes on the Prius!!! I bet this isn't the last of their problems. I also think they're holding out on information that the public should know about. Reliable good cars mean nothing if the cars are dangerous.
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