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Oh and I hate little stores that have one salesperson, very weird feeling.
Oh what's the big deal, you guys each probably have 2 or 3 of these and maybe one of them is descent enough to wear out in public.
Quote: Originally Posted by FloFromFrance Hi there, I plan to buy 4 pairs of Jeans I have found on internet, but before I wanna know market price for these models by pro like you ! lol We have : Viker 73Y in 27x32 ! New without tag. Zathan 89Z in 27x32 ! Like new, never wash, only worn few times. Zathan 8AA in 27x32 ! Same, like new and never wash. Safado 71J in 27x32 ! Used, but in very good condition ! Thanks for...
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyingElmo Hello guys, Looking for guidance on how much I could get for the following pairs of jeans. Been worn and washed a couple of times. X-Rotuck 796 Lab 314 26x30 X-Rotuck 772 Lab 314 26x30 Zathan 772 Lab 262 27x30 (2005) Zathan 764 Lab 32B 26x30 Zathan 70c Lab 330 26x30 (creases still present!) $179 $189 $149 $169 $149
http://www.honestforum.com/mens-30-3...axed-32-a.html Need a check on these
I'm not a scientist or any other expert but 2 earthquakes in one month seems very odd. Is this it?
It looks like a sky.
Yep very J crew
Quote: Originally Posted by sand_dolphin2 at first U.S snowboarding team uniform only i select this one is bottom looks like as jeans... ciao Who made this D'squared?
I want to know how it's even possible this guy still keeps doing this. Someone should report him to paypal and I know they'll lock his account. This is straight up fraud and I bet he could get arrested because it sounds like a lot of money is involved.
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