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I would say for the Zathan 772 expect to pay no less than $150 and the 796 no less than $180. If the person is selling those jeans for more he/she has every right to since you can not find these jeans. Even the fake 772's can go for upwards of $100 and people are so dumb they don't even know it's a fake .
100% lambskin, I need a name to go with it if anyone knows please let me know.
What's the big obsession with Japanese denim anyway? I heard the looms they use produce a better grade of denim but is that what all the hype is about?
Well I don't have the item yet but after carefull consideration I think I'm going suede this fall. I have a thing for suede ever since I can remember. The only thing is that once it get's dirty/soiled it's a wrap. I'll be sure to post a pic very soon.
They're a light weight lambskin like pair in a creme color. Just want to know if anyone has ever seen these and your thoughts.
Quote: Originally Posted by robness here's my two cents lpalma - fuck ralph lauren. I'm gonna tell him you said that.
Thanks I knew they were Farco's all along. Sorry but forgot to post front pics where they have the granda waist closure like the Rabox, Farco, Rotuck.
I come across some jeans like this with no name, no lab no info and nothing to go by . Tag just says Diesel Iberia Espania, are these jeans from Europe or what?
So yeah I've been trying to wear slimmer jeans but I love wearing loafers and they don't go together. People have told me that they make my feet look big. So I need to know what style (not brand) to wear. Again this is on the dressy side, so no sneakers.
Hey 9" , is this you too?
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