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look legit to me. BG have micro in that tiny tag
Size down one on Grim Tim. They look weird if worn loose at all because the taper causes the back thigh to fold awkward
If your budget is $200 I would probably go after APC myself. I have had 2 pairs of New Cures for about 5 years and both pairs look fantastic they are my favorite jeans. Good fit and break in nice.
agreed Unbranded is great I am not as familiar with the cuts and haven't worn a pair in myself but I have heard good things. If you are looking for a price point:   Cheap Monday - style - Four (slim straight), Five (comfortable straight), or Tight (skinny/slim) THVM - I liked these and you can get them cheap sometimes 4Stroke - pretty nice basic greaser style 501 slim jeans fit for the pair I had...
I prefer APC myself. just don't get them too tight depending on your body, They will stretch but don't size down like 3 sizes and cry when a button pops off. I wear APC new cure and they are my favorite jeans. I am not a fan of N&F but unbranded is another good option. usually cheaper and they fade as well as APC.   My suggestion -   APC - New Cure, New Standard (fit like levis 501), Petit standard (fit like levis 510 but with lower rise) Unbranded - I think its 101...
APC new cure is pretty basic. Also take a look at Unbranded they have a nice slim straight. I really like APC new cure. They have some shape but are not too tight as long as you don't have athletic thighs
Size up. Go for a 30 if you want them tight and 31 if you want a tad loose. I would suggest APC as well. They have nice raw denim or maybe unbranded
I wear a 34 in most diesel and I wore a 35 in APC NC. Some of my favorite jeans but they can be tight if you have athletic or bigger thighs.
Petit might be tight on you they have a lower rise...the hips are wider so depends on your shape. I wear a 34 in NS, 35 in NC and I prefer a 35 or 36 in the PS because they rise is so low...but I sold my PS because I am a dad and don't need my butt haning out all the time.
I loved my old Cheap Monday Italian unwash tight jeans. Cheap Monday is pretty underrated. They make quality stuff
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