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srsly ?? c'mon, dont get diesel sickness. (its the one where you start liking everything that they make) one of the most difficult wash to wear with all that white jizz all over them and rainbow stitched stains as well, and they are not comfortable at all to wear, stiff as f*ck. we had that wash for 2 seasons and it didnt sell at all. so i think they shipped back to Italy lol.
why would you wanna buy that hideous wash anyway ? save the $$$ and buy 74Y or 75G instead. trust me ;)
NO!! None of these washes raw! Only turbo denim.
8IE ? or 89S
  Some Diesel, since back from hols. :) black tepphar 886z, i think thats the wash.   ps. also picked up krooley 811P.
If you buy dark diesel jeans say colors like 88Z or now they call it 8Z8 or 8AA or any other it will bleed. I remember ages ago i got Safado in 8AA brand new, worn them once and all my thighs were blue. Recently happened as well, got 75G and worn new white diesel sneaker and they are blue now and thats even with little turn up. :(   So yeah they all bleed.
Legit 100%. we have a stand alone store in town.
Xile buys stock directly from Diesel, mos def legit. ! try USC as well ;) or house of fraser.
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